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OW-Ghost Dec 29 '19
could not delete this topic, but deleted my conversations because i feel i want give this guy a second chance prove i was wrong about him............and his team mates.....
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Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Dec 29 '19
I don't think "too high" is the right phrase. Giving the amount of time invested into the plugin development and top support given to customers, I'm positive the price is right.

I also feel that investing into your email branding is one way to standout and guarantees good return in investment. I'm sure a lot of open source software users will see it that way as well.

The Forum post is edited by Ebenezer Obasi Dec 29 '19
Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Dec 29 '19
There is no existing "email template" for Oxwall/Skadate. This plugin provides that. It is more than a "fancy style" thing, it actually wrap all outgoing emails from a website within a template (you have designed) and allow users to include their app download links in the email footer.

Furthermore, it is better to provide quality premium support for a quality product to 10 users at the right price than offer little or no support for a poorly developed system at a cheaper price. I'm sure a lot of users agrees with this line of thinking.

I have contributed a lot of free plugins to this community and some plugins at a relatively cheaper cost. I'm sure you will agree with me that my pricing has been more than fair. Why should that change now?

Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Dec 30 '19

Quote from Skadate Sweden

you support have not been good. you never answered me on skype when i try talk you about a plugin project i wanted pay for long time ago. maybe other lucky more with have faster answer but me have bad experience with you SLOW support. 

This is the 4th time you are mentioning this, so I'm inlined to respond. You contacted me in the middle of an examination in 2016 (I was still in college, then), so I referred you to my partner who is proficient in both iOS and Android development. I introduced you to him in a Skype group chat and asked you to take it up from there.

You ended up insulting the developer after he requested access to the software he was suppose to develop on. I try to calm the waters by re-assuring you that the changes you are requesting for will require the developer to access and study the software a bit more. What did I get? More insults.

At the end, my partner thought it wiser not to take up the project and I agreed with him. I never responded to your messages because I want to give my best in a project, and to do that, I and the client has to be on the same page. We simply weren't and I have moved on from it. You should too.

Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Jan 5 '20
You say Africa and associate every statement with scam. I think enough is said. I don't need to hear more to understand your point of view. You should also understand that this difficult perspective is what made it difficult for me to work with you. This is not something I'm bothered about, you use a lot of my plugin (free plugins) without anyone asking you to pay for anything nor any fear of being scammed. That says a lot on its own.
Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Jan 5 '20
And by the way, the Oxwall Unofficial Collaboration is about keeping the Oxwall project alive. Providing code documentation, updates, and security patches for the community. I don't see how I will benefit from 'free coding'?

Anyway, you have been in this community for a while and I can see that you genuinely have interest in sustaining the community. Perhaps, you can read the proposal again and re-consider your position? I won't work with you (not with that attitude) but the community can benefit from proper documentation of the front-end and system configuration.

Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Jan 6 '20
My partner developed a plugin a time ago that is able to look up suspicious email addresses from a set of database. It's not fool prove but it can help limit spam registration.
Quote from Skadate Sweden

skalfa have encrypted they mobile app code but it not helps. there is boots try use the apps everyday i can see in my security monitor software i use and there is vpn users that download the software for create mutiple fake accounts from nigeria and ghana. i have not see 1 real accounts from this countrys 1 time in 5 years. that why africa get bad reputation on the world map

they sit ain big teams doing fake accounts everyday on dating sites...and they have learned all tricks to bee blocked from dating sites....they are like fly you get not rid of them even if you block entire countrys ip:s

Quick question, though. If the people signing up are using VPN, how did you know they are in Nigeria and Ghana?

Quote from Skadate Sweden

You can start with fix the core so it can read ipv6 that you tell was impossible fix with a plugin. Ipv6 is the future and growing fast in many countrys.

This can considered in the future, especially, if it is consider a basic necessity. But the major focus at the moment is to get a team of developers (who are willing to devote free time for the community) together and work on the most basic things such as fixing the PHP7 compatibility issues that has been around for years and other known bugs.

Who knows? If the initiative becomes a success and more people are willing to collaborate, we can begin to improve the system functions.
OW-Ghost Feb 9 '20
I take back everything i say

this developer is have to high price on this plugin and he now promote his plugin in the forum because nobody buy it with that high price.

i was remove my post about you bad support and you did not

only that show how bad you are when know you better


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