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403 error on new hosting | Forum

Chris_W Jan 4 '20

Whenever I refer to a location on the server to say insert an image, in a custom html box, when I try to save the changes it throws up "403 Forbidden, Access to this resource on the server is denied!"

It only does it when any html refers to a server location, any plain text or html that doesn't reference a location is accepted.

Update: Mod Security Off fixed it.

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AppXprt Feb 23 '20
Ghost, if no one ever corrects you then you'll never know, so don't take this as being mean or rude, but just to help you with your English.

Sometimes you leave words out of sentences which I believe is simply related to you coming from a different language, which is completely understandable and might I add, very commendable in the fact that you know multiple languages.

This is a great example since it is a simple sentence.

So you should have said one of the following:

Thanks for sharing


Thanks for the share

"Thanks for share" is missing "the" in the most simple form of the sentence, or if you want to refer to the act of the share after the fact, you would remove the 'e' from "Share" and add "ing" which would be the past tense of the verb "Share."

No one is ever perfect in their English and it is one of the hardest languages on Earth, but if no one ever tells you then you'll never know and this is how we're supposed to learn right?


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AppXprt Feb 28 '20
Not meant to offend you, only to help, honestly and like I said, English is one of the hardest languages.

How many others do you know?

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AppXprt Feb 28 '20
Let's help and encourage each other instead of tearing each other down constantly...
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Mar 28 '20
If you don't understand me well, it's thanks to the Google translator.You will have noticed that I write much less than before on OxWall: attitudes like yours are very discouraging.You should keep in mind that we are here from all over the world and you should also be grateful to the people who participate.I will continue to help as many people as I can with OxWall issues that I may solve.Although I am short on time now, I was thrilled and I was accepted to volunteer for free in a hospital to help in the coronavirus war.
Quote from OW_Ghost okey, yes my english suxs. and i mix USA english and UK english :-)

I learned my english from american movies mostly not so much from school :-)

But i know i should study english because it is no perfect

BUT with all that said, there is two famous oxwall people here that i very hard understand when they speak and that is:

oxwall turkey and patricia , 

when they talk i feel my english is 100 times better :-)