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how can i switch the Looking for embedded field from Single to Multiple? | Forum

TonyKa Jan 26
dear all

how can i switch the Looking for embedded field from Single to Multiple?

I would like the users to be able to select MORE than one in the Looking for.

Is this possible?

as i have 5 genders, (its gay site), id like the user to be able to select more than one in the search so they will be able to search more genders. By default in oxwall is one (drop down or single choose).

thank you

Marcus Jan 26
Check in admin panel.... Profile questions... Find the field click on edit and change type.

Keep in mind 30 is max for multiselect drop down menu. 
The Forum post is edited by Marcus Jan 26
TonyKa Jan 26
Hi Marcus,

it does not work.. actually it IS multi but appears as single in search!! why? (its for the : looking for which is oxwall default). I would like users to be able to select from many "looking for" not only by drop down 

And the max is 31, yes? I have many 31.. dont tell me is 30 now :)

thank you

AppXprt Jan 29
Clear your site cache with the CacheExtreme plugin and then check if your updates went through...
TonyKa Jan 30
Hi and thanks AppXprt

no it didnt..

I just want to have multiple select instead of 1 drop down in looking for..

maybe is a plugin?

thank you

Patricia Zorrilla Leader

Tonica: You told me that in Skadate you can't and as you saw on my test website in OxWall if you can?

If this is true, OxWall users and developers cannot help you because we don't have Skadate

TonyKa Jan 31
Hi Patricia. this is different thing :) Search is everywhere same! Skadate has limitation and not works with one account type only as oxwall does, because of the search plugin. IF you disable and add other plugin works fantastic! I'm looking for this plugin or modification !: )
Patricia Zorrilla Leader

I have bought and tested all the search plugins that are for sale. The best, the one that I recommended and I use: https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/554

But in the search bar on the top bar, enable only search by names or members make a mess.

These search engine plugins are almost the same: they have copied the code from one developer to another and it shows a lot.

The objective of the search engine at the top is that they can find who they already know what their name is, and the other one, the widget, is to be entertained by looking at profiles and be entertained on your website and not go to another thinking that "here there are no people for me. " If you put all the products in the shop window they go to another store, you have to get them to enter the store.

If you do not have many members, a map with users and a search engine by distance is not interested.