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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jan 26 '20

Why do some plugins, if the developer updates them, appear first at https://developers.oxwall.com/store?sort=latest and others not?

I've been doing a plugin for a week and not a single copy has been sold for $ 20. I've been another week adding many new features to this plugin, the low price at 10 USD and I see that it does not appear as recent, as if it had not improved and updated.

Other plugins from other developers have been updated and have passed me in front, and they only had bug fixes and no extension of benefits.

I create a post for people to visit the plugin page explaining why it is good and cheap and they delete it.

A week of lost work, because whoever has seen what the plugin did before will not see that it has been updated and improved much.

How can I make them see the plugin again? Change the name, add PRO and upload another?

Will they erase this thread too?

Mr moderator, let us comment on the new or updated plugins in the forum that the forum is for that: to comment, propose, advise and advise against it freely.

Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany Jan 26 '20

Your post was deleted because it is not allowed to advertise plugins in the forum. If we would allow this, every developer would post a new topic. See the forum rules for more details.

As for the updates, there is no discrimination of any plugin. Every plugin that is updated is moved to the latest section.

The Forum post is edited by Oxwall Germany Jan 27 '20
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jan 26 '20

Explain to me about the images I attached because I do not understand.

The approach of saving the conversations about each plugin to the forum of each plugin would be fine IF notifications of new topics were sent in these forums, but you cannot subscribe to a plugin to keep up to date.

What is the point of opening a topic there if no one is notified?

How do you report that a plugin is now cheaper, or does more things, or both?

  Sin título.png (70Kb)
  Sin título2.png (63Kb)
  Sin título3.png (113Kb)
ArtMedia Jan 27 '20
if plugin is still on first page and is updated, then dont go on top of the list, this happen only when is on page > 1
Alex James
Alex James Dec 16 '22
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