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Forgot password page.! | Forum

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Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

Dear developers,

Is there a possibility to give the forgot password page the background / background of the chosen theme.?

We think such a blank page with only a text box is a bit amateurish.

In itself, we unfortunately do not expect an answer to this topic/question, because that seems to be a trend here at Oxwall, which is a pity because we still ask reasonable normal questions as non-developers.

Still with regards,

Admiraliteit Imedia

Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

First of all thank you for your quick response Jamie, we tried Dave's first options, but just like you, that didn't work with us either.

Your final solution, we do not yet know how to use it.

We are going to think about it LOL, because maybe it is over our heads.

Jamie Jul 20
ow_system_plugins > base > views > controllers >





    margin:0 auto;






<div class="ow_page_wrap">

<div class="ow_menu_fullpage">

<div class="ow_menu_fullpage_wrap">{$main_menu}</div>


<div class="ow_site_panel clearfix">

<a class="ow_logo ow_left" href="{$siteUrl}"></a>

<div class="ow_nav_btn"></div>

<div class="ow_console_right">

{component class='BASE_CMP_Console'}


<div class="ow_menu_wrap">{component class='BASE_CMP_MainMenu' responsive=true}</div>


<div class="ow_header">

        <div class="ow_header_pic"></div>


{*if isset($imageControlValues.headerImage.src)}

<div class="ow_header">

            <img class="ow_header_img" src="{$imageControlValues.headerImage.src}" />

            <div class="ow_header_pic"><img class="ow_header_img" src="{$themeImagesUrl}header.jpg" /></div>




<div class="ow_forgot_password">

    {block_decorator name='box' style='text-align:center;' langLabel='base+forgot_password_cap_label'}

        <div style="padding: 0 5px 5px;">{text key='base+forgot_password_form_text'}</div>

        {form name='forgot-password'}

            {input name='email' class='ow_smallmargin'}

            <div class="clearfix"><div class="ow_right">{submit name='submit' class='ow_positive'}</div></div>




<div class="ow_footer">

<div class="ow_canvas">

<div class="ow_page clearfix">



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dave Team
dave Jul 22

Try to use em instead of px, em is the new standard.  Here is a link to a converter...


so for example if you use the custom converter on the right side and leave it at 16px base..

then under PX to EM enter 100 and press convert button,   then it will show you that 100px is equivalent to 6.025em

Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

Sorry folks, at least this is over our heads.

To be honest, we expected a kind of plugin for this or perhaps a css code to get this done.

We think that programming is still too risky for us.

Thank you very much for your input.Oxwall should have paid more attention to these things (the forgotten password page) so that it could have been implemented in the themes, for example.

With regards,

Admiraliteit Imedia

Catkin Aug 9
Hay Rob, hope I'm not too late! 

I have successfully changed both the forgotten password screen and login screen on my site.

I'd be willing to do any work you require for $10 if your interested.


Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

Hello Catkin and other developers,

We have changed our plans for the forgotten password page, we have now arranged it on our websites in such a way that this page only displays a background image as an extra.

No menu, just a background image and the text box.

Thank you very much for your effort.

With regards,

Admiraliteit Imedia