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Websites from other CMS are being hacked. | Forum

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If you have a Wordpress website in the same server that you have your Oxwall/Skadate website, all your websites may be compromised too. 

Please read here or on any other news website: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2020/09/hackers-are-exploiting-a-critical-flaw-affecting-350000-wordpress-sites/

This is the reason I do not trust Wordpress since a few years ago, when a customer's website based on Oxwall was hacked because of a Wordpress vulnerability.
And this is the reason that starting something from scratch is very hard to do, so many ways to hack a website, the main reason why I prefer Oxwall over other platforms.

Senior Developer.

Senior Developer Leader
dave Team
dave Sep 4

Thanks for sharing that, i hope everyone reads it and understands that we all share a risk regardless of size.  If they want to get to a bigger fish that is on your shared server, they may hit smaller sites that may be more vulnerable to work their way up stream.

All any of us can really do is hope that we know enough to have protected our dedicated servers and VPS enough and that our hosts have done the same on shared services.

Thanks for sharing SD, i am still waiting on your email address in PM :)

Bulding something from scratch is hard yes, takes a long time yes, but worth it YES...

Many scripts out there are weighed down with junk they dont need and it effects performance.   There are tons of hacks out there that just exploit slow serves because there are transaction gaps in the process. Meaning a slow server may take a micro second longer to catch a forced login than a fast one, but that is all they need is just enough time to sneak by the guard when their head is turned. 

Starting from scratch affords the flexiblity to do new things, with new tools, new functions, and keep the sand out of the scripts pockets that weighs it down.

That is why building from scratch is the only way IMO...  :)

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G1 Sep 7
Nice info thanks !
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