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Scandibook update; Sunday 11.10.2010. Forever goodbye. | Forum

Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Oct 11

Because Oxwall software and developers over the past year have not shown any willingness to develop and shown disrespect for their supporters, Oxwall will most likely be phased out forever. I am very disappointed with these so called developers. The truth behind this Oxwall project was probably a solid experiment that ran aground. Pure failure you ask me. All those left are former supporters and plugin buyers, who in the last year have been totally ignored. But that being said, steer clear of Oxwall and everything they do, they are not to be trusted. Unfortunately, I blindly believed in their project, I had to take the consequences of that. I'll never repeat that stupidity.

I have now switched to WordPress which is a significantly more secure platform for the scandibook project in the future. This will of course take some time before most things are up and running. But time is what I have enough of. The development continues anyway.

Today I have once and for all jumped off this rotten sinking ship. Here it is not sensible to pick up anymore. The people responsible for this bug project are just so pathetic. Had they let others take over, it could have had some future! Instead, he has stuck his tail between his legs into his own cave. I'm pretty sure the shebeen will catch up with him and meet himself at the door.

In Norway we have one saying; One who digs a grave for others usually falls into it himself. And pride stands for fall. Goodbye my friends, good luck, because you really need it if you stay on this decommissioning project.

scandibook v / Ketil Ervikson. https://scandibook.com/

(moderator just fixed the spelling error in the title and thats all)

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Patricia Zorrilla Leader

I understand your decision because the reasons you give us are totally true.

Thank you for saying goodbye, many do not.

I am collecting OxWall waste and mounting my own version, my idea is to recover old plugins, set up my own store, update the kernel without losing compatibility with OxWall. This was the error of OxWall America, OxwallPlus, Chamial and other similar attempts.

I hope to attract developers for this non-profit project.


I currently have half a store developed.

Unfortunately my knowledge of English is practically nil, but with more time I will be turning the site into multilingual.

Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Oct 12
You should read the Oxwall license before you start developing a copy of oxwall, so you understand that Oxwall "does not" intend to release the source code and other options to further develop / make a further developed copy of Oxwall, and not with another name . Read the Oxwall license. The only option is to create a brand new social networking software from scratch, and customize it so people can install oxwall plugins on it. I do not understand why people should install bad oxwall plugins on such a new project! and in this way bring old problem into one such new project! Because it is also the case that you are not allowed to change with the source code in puginner either.
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Patricia Zorrilla Leader

It is not about "selling old plugins". It is about not allowing the OxWall platform to die for lack of interest from everyone: owner, developers and users.

I think it made a bad decision to remove so many plugins from the store "because the author did not support" or "they were badly made". Since then the few remaining developers have disappeared.

I think that just warning before buying - or downloading - would have been enough. It has been a serious loss for the community, there are very interesting developments that are no longer available (both free and paid) and in our store we no longer even have them as an option to be able to use a part of the code, learn from it and for no, develop a patch or an update.

I do not intend to break copyrights, I intend that our ship does not sink.

The first step is to have a complementary website where we can bring together users and developers and do what they do not allow us here, a store with more freedom.

If you install a plugin (or theme, or a patch) from OwSpain you will still need an OxWall license.

I plan to advertise plugins in this store that you will not be able to buy because the developer does not have an account there, but the author will be informed by email that someone has shown interest or wants to buy it. Perhaps with this we will recover old developers. If I find interested developers, I will invite them to help refine the OxWall kernel.

khalil Oct 12
i'am developer , i have lot exprience with oxwall , maybe oxwall lost since the last updates in other framework doesn't show on oxwall but i decided to develope for free some plugin or update old plugin and my goal is to put oxwall with new theme 'bootstrap 4 ' with full support mobile.
dave Team
dave Oct 13

Ketil sorry to see you go but like so many i understand.  I wish you the best on your new environment choice and the best with your investment overall.  As far as my project i will of course keep you updated on the progress as well.   We also have a similar saying as yours ketil.  Ours is a bit different and is "if you are going to seek revenge be sure to dig two graves, one for them and one for yourself"  almost the same as yours.

Patricia, i applaud your dedication, but dont  you think if there was a way to do a new version of oxwall and keep it alive that someone would have done so by now.  The issue is that when all said and done the bottom line is that you dont own the core source code (as you call kernel). 

That may not be such a factor now but in the years to come it will be a huge issue and that lack of ownership (which Emil will never give up) will impead your ability to take it as far as you want to.  And when that happens your years of investment will be gone. Worst of all, the customers that follow you will also be hurt because once again they have used a platform that is not sustainable, then what do they do? 

I am not saying that you should not try, im all for trying to save  Oxwall, but reality is that even if a zillion copies were made, all you have in the end is a zillion dead end environments simple because of the ownership issue.  Updating the code is easy, its the ownership that will kill any plan going forward.

Also a correction, Ox America never really failed because it never got off the ground to begin with.  It was here and gone in a few weeks and it never had a released version unlike the other two attempt by others which had released versions. 

I hope you dont learn the hard way about how ownership is the key factor.  I wish OxSpain the ever best.  But you have to consider the fact that its a huge red flag when even the old time partners and clubs of oxwall that have been around for many many years pull up stakes and either close down or go another way.  That is what americans call "writing on the wall" 

Also what are you going to do with the old plugins, you cant use them and you cant update them for the developer, that is against the terms and its illegal to call them yours unless the developer gives you permission to do so.  So all you can do is just collect old code that does not work anymore and try to build your own version of it. 

And then when it all goes south, you will lose those too.   All i am saying is that please be careful, you are a really nice person patricia and i dont want you to get into a situation where you end up doing more damage than good and then people wont like you.   I dont want that to happen to a nice person like you, you deserve better.. :) 

I know patricia that you and me have our different professional opinions and i also know that i respect yours and you respect mine even if we dont agree.  But as a professional and a friend, i just want to warn you in advance of the possible danger you are creating for yourself and others.  Just please please be careful.  :)  

All the best,


PS ketil i corrected the spelling error in your title... :)

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Patricia Zorrilla Leader

Certainly your project of a new nucleus is better planned in the long term but I think it will take a long time to be working. You know that I support you with him (although I have not done anything for a few days, but I will) because I want to give owspain a boost before no one is left here.

OwSpain is a short-term project that aims to give support to current users and not to leave the platform.

With the old free plugins, they can be downloaded, and with the paid ones, they will only be publicized and the author will be duly bombarded by email, perhaps we will recover a developer.

With the core, it will be patches, and that is free.

There is no profit motive, donations will be accepted and I do not care if it is not profitable, OxWall is my hobby and I have much more expensive hobbies.

dave Team
dave Oct 13
That was a great reply and very well delivered patricia.  All the best to OxSpain and hoping you can save some members and give them some positive results :)
Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Oct 13
It was not intended or meant as a revenge David, so it is said.

I see that you are highlighting the same issue with source code and license that I tried and highlighting earlier here. There, we clearly completely agree. Also that the best thing to do now is to support the project that David has started and is developing. I fully support it and continue with the translations when there is something new to be translated. Give me a message David when there is something new to be translated.

Although one day I will install David's project on my server, I will of course keep my new social blog for the future.

Again, I want to point out the fuss with Oxeall and plugins and repeat what David said:

"That may not be such a factor now but in the years to come it will be a huge issue and that lack of ownership (which Emil will never give up) will impead your ability to take it as far as you want to. And when that happens your years of investment will be gone. Worst of all, the customers that follow you will also be hurt because once again they have used a platform that is not sustainable, then what do they do? "

People should think through this and send all available developers to David, so maybe his project is not just for the future! The more people who register their interest in this project, the faster it gets on its feet.

And something that I think is important for a project to be able to survive, is how the license is designed. I strongly believe that the GPL (General Public License) provides this project with development opportunities for the future.

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dave Team
dave Oct 16
Thanks Ketil... :)
Ken Oct 16
How can a free open source be illegal in the future it’s was free then I customized it and supercharged it and this my version.... My oxwall is running Great... like it never ran before On php version 7.3 true oxwall source have bugs but being a site owner comes with the process especially when it’s free what u expected for free....no issues... please. So I tackle that task thru fixing bugs and through out the journey I’ve learn how to code a little now. <br /><br />
But Oxwall was the toilet until these non effective policies took place like taking out free plugins discouraging others that oxwall will sink and bad but keeping their eyes open but tell me something new or something the supporters don’t know..... about oxwall Updates which haven’t updated since 2017 and still in the game Coding is universal so Maybe Snapchat would’ve told those other platforms “you can’t add stories functions because I’m Dave and its illegal” the good thing is old supporter who got these Deleted plugins now can compete because everyone won’t have the same plugins and the good ones been deleted so there are some advantages the bad thing is the development stopped Because of someone ego to erase free and good plugins <br />
Good thing I stored all the free good plugins and some plugins were so great that if you knew how to touch it up it would be even better at least someone is Really try to make oxwall great again Not just saying it but trying to do it.<br />
And most of the developers that left are now on phpFox coattail phpFox is like oxwall just a few differences
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Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Oct 16
phpFox its bloody expensive i se.

My social network cost me nearly 10 dollar every month, so far.


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Ken Oct 16
Nothing worth having going to come easy either you going to pay your money or your time oxwall has plugins that had everything you need if you know how you coming.... so Build something awesome use these platforms for information and what you can get out of it..... oxwall is a building block for community developers Do some research about these new communities that are being created using oxwall blueprint.... use Oxwall wisely use Oxwall because of the unlimited possibilities the thing that will hurt is either u pay someone to supercharge your oxwall website wait until the developers return to add new plugins or learn to code yourself and when you do know how to code U will find out that oxwall is the learners permit for New site owners and developers 
Patricia Zorrilla Leader

I don't see that phoFox is an ideal solution either.

They also have similar problems.


I have counted 366 plugins out of a total of just 6 developers, some with comments as nasty as this:

https://community.phpfox.com/forum/thread/58177/no-longer-purchasing-foxexpert-addons/I've been looking at plugins, free, cheap and expensive. In general, they have very bad ratings from users, although I liked some of them and I plan to develop it for OxWall.

I see that the language packs are extraordinarily expensive.

The conditions of the store:


They seem to me to be much more reasonable than those imposed by Dave without consulting the developers or clients, and saying that he had agreed with the OxWall Team when we all know that OxWall no longer has a team, no developers, or anything.

Fortunately, phpFox with all the themes and plugins are in torrent, so I'll take a closer look. Unfortunately, OxWall themes and plugins are there too.

My opinion is that there are other scripts, but they all have problems. For a mini social network they all work for you, and if you want an extension you can add a plugin, but if you want really advanced things, you better learn to program a little or hire someone. But it is a real mess to change CMS when you already have many users. Many members are lost in this process.

The new CMS Dave is developing is going to take years to be available if there are no more interested developers, and they won't be if they don't see a short-term payoff.

OxWall's ship sinks. Everyone is fleeing the wreck. I'm going in my little boat owspain.com, it will be free (except for paid plugins). The remaining OxWall users will not have to install anything new or modify their websites, and as the rules that will govern the store I will write them, I hope that users and developers are more comfortable. In a few weeks the store will be available and before the end of the year you will have hundreds of plugins and hundreds of themes, although you can only download the free ones while I contact the developers to register. These paid plugins for the moment will only be at the advertising level because you need to acquire the license in OxWall. If OxWall disappears in the future, I will solve the problem of validating the licenses in another way.

I will need your help with screenshots of the plugins that you have installed, your comments, complaints and suggestions. It's free, and it will always be free. 

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Ken Oct 17
Patricia you are the real Oxwall savior I believe.... I can see you really want to make oxwall great again more genuine some people just know how to read others.... if you doing in Spain language make available for us English Reading speaking People too please I was looking at it oxwall Spain and you need a responsive theme to make it more easier to navigate but hey at least someone is really trying And I’ll always respect that...and Patricia can U make this plugin a plugin for widgets To collapse (Add button to show widgets minus button to hide widgets) or js a way to turn widgets into icons 
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Patricia Zorrilla Leader

The website is in Spanish because I don't speak English ... But you can use any language, no problem. Maybe someone will help translate.

The theme ... I'll put a plugin of mine that allows changing themes, and for the anagram I have a new one that a user has given me. I don't want to waste time on the aesthetic part now, the store is more urgent. I need more people to register, with 7 members who barely enter and do not write anything, I am not going to attract developers.

dave Team
dave Oct 17

The challenge i see is that with Patricia not being a PHP/HTML programmer she will have to hire programmers or get volunteers, and volunteers are not easy to find.  She has volunteered to offer what she can to my project and i will be glad to teach her some things along the way as long as there is no conflict of interest between my project and oxspain.   Its all for a good cause regardless and everyone is doing things their way to try to help, and that is positive.

Also remember that even if Oxwall runs now, there are global issues in oxwall that will fall apart over time regardless unless you totally rewrite the script.  Some of the old deprecated stuff will only go so far.  I do applaud Patricia for her dedication and energy toward her project.

It wont take years to build my project patricia, i seriously believe that i can have the first version out on the market before fall of next year working alone, so the help i will shorten that time frame.

Some clarification here...   when i said that i spoke to the team about plugins that was the truth, the team at the time was two people, so i told the truth.   Also we all sat here and complained about the store for years and in all the time if you did not save free plugins then that is your fault. 

The store was cleaned up and i was directed to do it a certain way, when i first started to clean up the store i had to get permission and ask what to do in most cases.  I did not make my own decisions.  So i was directed to do a job and i did it.  If you have complaints about that dont blame the messeger.  Yes over time i was given more authority and acted in good faith to keep things alive and kicking. 

I was told one thing when i first because  a leader.  An old leader told me this quote:

"oxwall users are never satisfied, they ask for something, you give it to them, they still find reasons to complain"

Well after many years here i can tell you that in many cases this is the truth.  Many of you foget that oxwall is a business and it has to abide by license protocols.  We cant just willy nilly do whatever we want with plugins, there are terms and rights to consider.   Plus we gave each developer over 30 days to reply to us to save their plugin.  If they dont care then blame them not us.  The only choice we had was to suspend the plugin, again if that upsets you then complain to the developer that screwed you, not Oxwall.

To even think that any kind of ego was involved in any decision i have made over the years is just absurd. So take your anger out on those that did you wrong, the plugin developers. 

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Ken Oct 18
???? I remember someone said make oxwall great again how by starting DaveWall???? 
It’s a contradiction Message.....
If this is great I hate to see what bad looks like??
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dave Team
dave Oct 18

Yes there was a time when we all (developers left over) thought that it was possible long term, but its not. And that news was as hurtful to me as anyone.  I have invested many years here since back in 2013 and even when times got tough i never thought things would get to the point of drifting away.  But that time is here and that wish did not come true, not for me, and not for anyone.  If you would ever take the time to read any of my old messages you would see that i fought so hard for the users here. 

And i am the only one that had the guts to deal with ross and the others in a firm way to say "this is what we need and this is what we will do if you help us" and after many many hours of negotiation for the users here i was finally granted permission to work up a request and get it to ross that would outline the needs to keep this alive and in good conditions. Most of those needs were for the user, and i spent my time working up the letter to ross and his boss. 

And you know what happend after all the hoo haa and all the blowing wind, nothing!!  After all that getting our hopes up, the team went poof, just like that.  So they screwed me as much as they screwed anyone else.  Yes i am upset but i am not vengefull.  It was a business decision and i dont like how they did it  but i cant change that..  I could be bitter but im not. 

That was in 2017 i believe and i have kept my head up and hoped right along with the rest of  you that we would not lose this.  But guess what, its over!!!  We can do nothing to save it without proper legal rights to the core and rights for disbursement.  That realizaion did not come easy, but after seeing the total disregard that the owner has for anyone here, the times of wishing and hoping are over and we must all deal with it..

So you said i have not tried, i tried more than any user ever to get things done.  If not for me that site would be a sesspool of spam and rip offs. Its still alive today because of my dedication for free.   Its time to think of something else and that is what im doing and that is what patricia is trying to do as well with her project to help keep things going alittle longer.  Its not forever but patricia may be able to buy everyone some time with her project.  But as far as long term, its over folks... deal with it..  Im am hurt too but i have to deal with reality...

The only way to save it now is if Emil releases it to another non profit or if he sells it to another company and they have their own team to invest in it.  Thats the only way now..

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