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charlie ergen
charlie ergen Dec 28 '20

Top Rated Cross Line Laser Level For DIY Tasks

You will agree that finding an inexpensive laser level with the most accurate reference lines is not an easy task. Many manufacturers are offering different models on the market, which may make the buyers confused at purchasing time. Our experts select top versatile models after combing through thousands of products available on the market. Continue reading to get one that suits your needs the best right now!

If you are a new user, we would like to tell you how it works. After learning some basic information about these devices, you can get the most appropriate tool for your needs. Hence, there is no need to search for what is the best laser level anymore. As shown by the name, the laser level generates laser lines to handle a wide range of leveling and alignment applications. The cross line levels provide horizontal and vertical planes, crossing each other at a 90-degree angle.

HYCHIKA 50 Feet Self-Leveling Laser Level

If you want a versatile unit at a low price, get the HYCHIKA laser level. It will help you tackle all of your leveling and alignment-related domestic projects like professionals. Find below its features that forced us to select this model.


This laser level offers self-leveling and manual leveling choices to meet various needs of projects. When an operator turns on the unit, it automatically levels itself horizontally and vertically. If the tilt angle is beyond four degrees, the cross line laser level starts flashing to indicate out-of-level conditions.

Manual Leveling:

Manual mode activates when the pendulum is off, where one can lock planes at the required angle. It is one of the most prominent features on the unit, which will help you target non-level or plumb points with ease.

Multipurpose Tool:

It provides up to three patterns- horizontal, vertical, and cross line. We revealed from the laser level reviews that this advanced laser module emits bright and clear laser lines. Furthermore, its high precision rate of 1/8-inch at 30 feet makes it an ideal tool for construction works, installing pictures, windows, doors, etc.

Buying Tips

Below are some tips that will help you get the best tool for the money. Do not overlook any of these factors if you do not want to face any trouble after purchase.

Beam Color:

Beam color will determine whether your selected device will be suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications or not. Red laser lines are hard to see in bright sunlight, so these will not be an ideal option for the outdoors. On the other hand, the self leveling cross line laser with green laser layouts offers high visibility to tackle large commercial projects. Red lasers will be sufficient for domestic chores, so there is no need to pay extra money.

Dual Leveling Mechanisms:

You must select a model with a dual leveling system- manual and auto-leveling. If you see a model with a self-leveling mechanism, it means both choices are available. Do not forget that the manual leveling mode is solely available in the best laser line levels on the market. This function will permit you to target other non-level points with ease, including stair rail, etc. Auto leveling device levels the unit immediately after placing it on a flat surface.

Cross Laser Lines:

A laser with horizontal and vertical planes will help you efficiently visualize and accomplish square layout applications. You might use such devices for leveling, alignments, and plumbing projects.

After reading this article, we hope getting an appropriate tool will not remain a daunting task anymore. There will be no risk of purchasing the wrong model if you have a list of your needs.

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dave Leader
dave Dec 31 '20
Hi, can you please be more specific, are you trying to capture the PHP data stream or the smarty output? Please explain what you are trying to do.