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This website and software has all the signs of being abandoned. What to do! | Forum

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AppXprt Jun 7
There have definitely been massive contributions to Wordpress, monetarily and code wise.
Denying this is naive as Wordpress dominates the internet, running nearly 50% of all websites on the internet.

It's becoming harder and harder to deny the fact that it can do anything and has greatly surpassed any and all other Content Management Systems. 

AppXprt Jun 16
Ummm... Should I build a scraper and scrape all the forum content for archiving?
Chris_W Jun 16

Quote from AppXprt Ummm... Should I build a scraper and scrape all the forum content for archiving?

Probably,  it's a question of when, not if.  :^)
Tecca Jun 17
Honestly would be great to be able to migrate to another software. Maybe something like WordPress/BuddyPress/bbPress with a couple of other popular plugins to get as much data transferred out of Oxwall as possible. From there it's easier to migrate to something else (should people want to), since there's a lot more compatibility and migrators due to the popularity of other software. Oxwall isn't popular enough for anyone to want to take the time for it, sadly.

It's a little upsetting that the last update was a few months after I set up one of my sites with Oxwall — now five years later the software has been stagnant the entire time. Really had a lot of potential, but I don't think there's much point in continuing to hope things improve. The site I set up on Oxwall was fairly popular and generated a lot, but mostly through the articles I wrote on it, not necessarily due to the software. Now I'm kinda stuck patchworking little bits and pieces together to make sure Oxwall stays usable. Losing the content by moving to something else without migrating the data is a terrible thought to think, and I'd honestly rather let the site die off and be archived than to lose everything on it. Precious data stuck on an outdated platform.

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