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Subsequently it's a reasonable choice an unquestionably productive calling in RuneScape | Forum

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nfkjasfas Mar 27

Dramen pillow-Collect 15 Dramen leaves Cheap OSRS Gold, and place the leaves with a pillow case (bought from any retail store) Use a needle and thread for finishing it off! You will get 27 additional energy to sleep!

Dream or Fairy pillow-Collect 15 Fairy Wings and use them in conjunction with a pillow case (bought from any general store), and use an needle and thread to complete it! You will get 35 additional hours of energy to get through the day!

In order to begin the event start, visit Draynor village, which is located in Neds house. There is an old joyous holly Santa crying like a pool tears (Seriously there'll be an entire pool of tears. You must jump over them to get to Ned.). Contact Santa to have a discussion in the beginning of the festivities!

If you are heading to Falador on your way to Falador, you'll get taken away at the gate as soon as you step inside (If you are teleporting, you'll teleport to Falador instead). A small Elf will ask the three questions you have to answer to determine if they should allow you to go, or not. The test is to be able to answer incorrect, or else they'll hold you, for a while and require you to attempt over and again.

They'll ask questions such as "Is Varrock west or east of Barbarian Village?" or "What mission did Sir Amik Varze first take people on?". These are easy questions which is why it's difficult to make a mistake! After doing that tough process, you'll be transferred to Falador as well as "Jimmy's motorcycle". It is not able to be dropped in the first place, but rather destroyed. It will break down as soon as the event concludes Therefore buy rs07 gold, don't think of keeping it! There is no way to take it on a ride.