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Sales tax on full retail vs. sale price | Forum

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Martina Perez
Martina Perez Mar 31
I almost upgraded one of our phones until I saw at the checkout that they were trying to force me to pay sales tax (PA, 6%) at the full retail price, despite the fact that I would only pay half the retail price during the 30 months of the agreement. Pennsylvania law requires retailers to collect sales tax on the discounted price of an item after applying a discount coupon or discount, rather than the full price of the item.

Not only am I not updating, but I'm also changing providers. The possibility of filing complaints with the BBB and the State Attorney General is also being considered.
emmery Mar 31
I can't stand it when they try to cram some payments for some incomprehensible taxes so quietly
rodolph Mar 31
I believe that this violates your rights as a consumer of this service. If written in your contract as you described above, this overrides the state law, and you are not obliged to pay more. I also almost got caught with my business when they wanted to deceive me so that I would pay twice as much taxes as I should have. Now I use the service https://revenuegrid.com/, and such tricks will not be able to affect the well-being of my business. I also advise you not to forget to analyze what you pay and understand taxes
moore ben
moore ben Apr 1
This is definitely a great article. Thank you so much for taking the time to play snake detail all of this for all of us. It was a great guide!