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Splash Page html | Forum

Lea Gail Parkhurst
Lea Gail Parkhurst Mar 5 '11
I uploaded an HTML code into the splash page html code box, and it is not recognizing it???Can you please help me get this splash page working properly.
Den Team
Den Mar 9 '11
You are able to put html into splash screen. Would you attach here your html code?
Lea Gail Parkhurst
Lea Gail Parkhurst Mar 9 '11
Den Team
Den Mar 10 '11
How did you find that this html do not work?
Lea Gail Parkhurst
Lea Gail Parkhurst Mar 10 '11
Well yes it is there but it is not centered on the page and all the coding is not centered either. I have attached the original file if you open it in your HTML Editor you will see that it is centered, none of the black text in the file is showing either??
I need this to look professional and it is not looking professional on the Splash page, this is the first thing they see when going to my web site. I appreciate your help in getting this looking the way the HTML Editor has created it. Thanks Gail
Den Team
Den Mar 11 '11
It is not in my competention. But as I can see you have uncorrected html code. It contains tags BODY, HEAD, DOCTYPE. These tags must be present only one time on the page.
Lea Gail Parkhurst
Lea Gail Parkhurst Mar 14 '11
Are you still helping me with this??
Lea Gail Parkhurst
Lea Gail Parkhurst Mar 16 '11
Hello...I have decided to do something different with the Splash Page, as you can see on the web site. I don't need help with that now. Now I have a request, can you please connect the new "FriendMe" Chat room that I have created? I have attached the file with all the html code changed to "friendmechat". If possible I would like this to be an separate chat room from Tiny Chat, in other words, in addition to.

The only other thing that I would like help with is I have been trying to get the Menu to drop below the header so it is not showing over the header. I have changed the base.css file but for what ever reason it is not showing the changes when I upload it?? It is showing the changes however in the Admin theme editor? I am trying really hard here to learn how to do all this myself, but are asking for your help so I can do my "Press Release", which I have help off on until all these things are working properly. Thanks Gail
  friendmechat.rar (10.87Kb)
Den Team
Den Mar 17 '11
Sorry Lea, but I can't help you with CSS/HTML modification. This is something in which I don't have enough skills :(
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