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PLUGIN DESCRIPTION - Login As User | Forum

Oxwall CandyStore
Oxwall CandyStore Jan 20 '13
Plugin adds the possibility for site administrator and site moderators to login as other users. The plugin adds a special "Login as user" button on the user profile page and also on the list of profiles in admin panel

User Roles
* Site super-admin can login as any user on the site (including site moderators)
* Site moderator can login as ordinary user (not as super-admin or another site moderator). You can also prohibit for moderators to be able to login as other users.
* Ordinary user cannot login as another users (which is logical)

When you login as another user, you are being logged out as administrator (that's due to the way authentication works in Oxwall system - only one user can be logged in using one browser)

Some Use cases when this plugin may be useful:
- You have several profiles and want to submit various content, send private messages and use chat on behalf of different users. This plugin will definitely help you in such case.
- Your users are complaining about a feature which does not work for them and it seems that the problem happens only for this particular user. Do not bother your users by asking their login credentials, use this plugin instead.
- You are launching your site and need multiple profiles to perform testing. Remembering all the login credentials may become a real headache if you have no special tool which helps in such a situation.
- After all you can be aware of everything what your site users do and how interact.
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