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Bug Reports - Profile Cover | Forum

Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Nov 26 '14
All its ok here now. Thank you. The plugin its super.
Carlos Nov 27 '14
Hello Sergey,

The header always show at height of 270px, the admin panel setting doesn't work :(

Best regards,
Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Nov 27 '14
Yes, same here, Sett in 150 but same height!
Harry Dec 2 '14
The error is gone, and you can choose from the existing photos ( library ) but then the icon just spins and spins, disappears and does nothing. Uploading a new photo always works. Is anybody else experiencing this issue?  I updated the plugin.
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Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Dec 2 '14
Thanks for that, all its ok now
Harry Dec 6 '14
It seems to work ok for photos that were added after the upgrades to 1.72.

Harry Dec 6 '14
Im having issues with the scaling of the cover photos;  if one of the included covers is selected, it scales just fine and looks normal; if I upload a cover photo through the profile page itself, it is also just fine.  But if I add a photo to the gallery in the admin then it scales way too large - and yet in all three scenarios the photos involved are 850x315.

Ok actually now I'm seeing that its pretty random; the same photo uploaded will sometimes scale correctly, other times not - meaning correctly in that it shows at 315px high and when not, it shows at 450px high,

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Harry Dec 6 '14
Also, when selecting a cover photo from the gallery, the photos that came with the plugin show as different sizes from those I uploaded ( even though they are the same file dimensions).  See attached.    
  bad scaling.jpg (222Kb)
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Dec 10 '14
Hello Harry,

Height of covers is relative dimension, it depends on theme width. I need your site url to test the issue ( bad scaling.jpg ) on your site.

Harry Dec 15 '14
I have made all of them the same height and width as the default images.  So why would they scale differently, is my question?  For example,  mine are 851x315 and the width jumps to something like 950 and then the height is being set to 46.66666% so I end up with a cover that is well over 400 pixels tall.  
Harry Dec 15 '14
Here's an example of one of mine in the database, and it stores the css for the file correctly, but on screen it is way too big


Harry Dec 15 '14
And yet a default image - with a very similar size, has this in the db


So my point is that there is an issue when uploading/saving and not in the rendering of the image.

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Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Dec 15 '14

As I said before - cover size is not fixed. It depends on theme width. For example: admin theme width is 1000px but the frontend theme width is 1500px. In this case cover uploaded from admin panel will scale to 1500px width and height will increase proportionally. So you will get bigger cover than in admin panel.

Harry Dec 16 '14
It made no sense that two images of the same size displayed differently and used different aspect ratios.  I actually uninstalled the plugin, deleted everything and started over.  Seems to be working ok now.   thanks, Sergey.
Elizabeth Dec 16 '14
Since the last update, anyone using the default avatar gets this error message at the top of their profile. Is there a fix for this? Anyone who uploads their own avatar is fine. It is just the members using the default avatar.

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Dave Jan 9 '15
Hi I'm having almost the same problem... Opions are visible and the dropdown is visible but they are unselectable (unable to hover and select) options are disappearing when hovered ?

Quote from Omari seems to have a bug in most recent version missing an icon or image to change profile cover options as mentioned above. see screenshot

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Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Jan 9 '15
Hello Morangup,

The issue has been fixed in the last plugin update ( Profile Cover 2000 ). The notification about the update should have already appeared in your admin panel. Update the plugin to fix the issue.

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Jordi Jan 9 '15
Hello i have a bug.

My site has different user accounts. with different fields. 

so the profile name in de cover is ok. but the age line is messed up.

Can you help me to put the line off or even better link it to Account type.



  scrn.jpg (50Kb)
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Jan 11 '15

Do you use SkadateX software?

Jordi Jan 12 '15
Nope i use normal oxwall 1.7.2

I know what the problem is. 

can we make it to display the account type instead of gender? 

because i don't want to like to use the normal profile question gender because the account type is already gender related.


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