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Changing Login Screen | Forum

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Rodney Feb 23 '13
I would like to change the Login Page.  I would like to add my website Header Image to it.  What file to I need to edit?


cit27 Feb 23 '13
Try this:
sign ini

Website header
Try this: site. com/admin/theme or admin/theme/css
or go to your cpanel and search the theme folder u are using

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Bobby Feb 23 '13
You first have to open: /ow_includes/config.php
go to bottom and change:
 define('OW_DEV_MODE', false);
 define('OW_DEV_MODE', true);
and re-upload it
If you add <div class="ow_header"></div>
to /ow_system_plugins/base/views/components/sign_in.html
your header will be on your sign in page
you may also have to add:
<div class="ow_header_pic"></div>

Your sign in box is probably going to overlap your header.

You would then have to go to:
/ow_themes/your theme/base.css
and find:
/* ---- SignIn Form styles ---- */
.ow_sign_in_cont {

you are going to have to play with css position attributes.

Don't forget. When you are done:
open: /ow_includes/config.php
go to bottom and change:
 define('OW_DEV_MODE', true);
back to
 define('OW_DEV_MODE', false);
and re-upload

Rodney Feb 24 '13
Thanks, I did not find that code in my base.css file.  I did find it in other base.css files. I think I will change my theme, it has some problems anyway.  When I change themes should I set the dev mode  to true?

Bobby Feb 24 '13
No need to switch to dev mode when switching themes.

Another way you can experiment, without going into dev mode, you can click on admin, edit themes, and then click the CSS tab. You will then be at a page with two boxes. The top box is the code for base.css for your theme. It is not editable.
But you can copy from the top box.
I'm not saying copy the whole thing.
I'm saying. You could copy little bits of it. Like:
Background-color #90210 (URLisNameMy=bg.obvious) atMyRoot/duh/images/totalDuh
padding 0px 0px 0px 0x

You could then paste that (what you copied from the top box) into the bottom box.
Switch the padding to -109px or something
and watch stuff start flying all over your site.

Usually, I use this method to test out background colors, just to get and idea of where I'm at, in the GIANT, EXTRA-SUPER-DOUBLE-TRIPLE-NINE-FOOT-TALL css file :)
And I keep my site open in two tabs when doing this. Or even two browsers. That way, I can make these changes in the admin area, leaving it loaded. And just refresh my other browser or tab, to see my changes.

"Do me a favor. Don't say 'capish.' When you say capish, it hurts my ears."
Much love,
The Bobbyinator
AKA Bobby the Kid of the Oxwall Regulators (a small group of oxwall users who have decided to take justice into their own hands).
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Alia Team
Alia Feb 25 '13
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yourgoal Mar 11 '15

As mentioned above, I tried the below code to put the signin form on left side of the screen. But the sign-in form stays in the center. I did this after changing DEV to true.

/ow_themes/your theme/base.css
and find:
/* ---- SignIn Form styles ---- */
.ow_sign_in_cont {

Oxwall Tips
Oxwall Tips Apr 20 '15
For those interested in customizing the Sign in page ( www.sitename.com/sign-in ) please check my post at: https://skatips.wordpress.com/...efault-sign-in-page/
Guna Jun 1 '15
@Oxwall Tips Thanks for the article.
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