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Search in my Forum | Forum

Veronica Apr 17 '11
Nothing is searchable in my installed Forum

I have tried to search for content in:
Forum name
Description text
Topic subject
Post body
Post creator name

and the result is always: No posts found
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Den Team
Den Apr 19 '11
Would you give a link to your site forum?
Veronica Apr 19 '11
No link to my site
but I have made more type of simple quality testing
on a new install which also was updated to the latest versions

I was using 2 test cases
see enclosed pictures ForumSearch1.jpg and ForumSearch2.jpg:

test case nr 1: None of the words are found
test case nr 2: Now all words longer than 2 characters are found except the word "another"

Difference between the testcases are the addition of one "dummy" post
ie also going from 2 to 3 posts in the thread.

In both cases searching for my name or a word in the topic name will give no hits
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  ForumSearch1.jpg (30.7Kb)
  ForumSearch2.jpg (40.57Kb)
Den Team
Den Apr 20 '11
Thank you for detailed explanation. Two moments:
1) What phrases did you search?
2) Forum search algoritm is not a simple search function. It uses MatchAgainst algoritm for best site performance with high load traffic. This method has some limitations for query to search, set by mysql server on your hosting. By default this limition is set as 3 minimum characters in query string. Please, look at this topic http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/414
Veronica Apr 20 '11
1. All phrases if you can read my post
2. With better knowledge of your search function your correct reply should be:
"In addition, words that are present in 50% or more of the rows are considered common and do not match."
That's why "another" is not found and no matches are found when there is only 2 posts in the Forum

Read for more info here http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/fulltext-search.html

and don't refer to another post where there is a link to Google
The Forum post is edited by Veronica Apr 20 '11
Vicki Oct 4 '11
I had the same issue when I only had one post in the forum. It was finding "no posts". It is true that you need to have more than 2 posts in order for the search function to work. After adding more than 2 posts I was able to search and find the results.