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Installing on Hostgator | Forum

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Jason Apr 18 '11
Not really sure where I should put this post so feel free to move it if needed. I figured this would be the first place someone would look if they had problems installing it on Hostgator or any other shared server. For the program to install properly I had to create a custom php.ini file and put the following code in it.

error_reporting=E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

If you don't put this code in the custom php.ini the server will not activate the PDO module in your account.
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Michael Leader
Michael Apr 18 '11
Possibly stick it in "Hacks" etc as a workaround for fetting it to work on hostgator but well done! Should be helpful to some!
Den Team
Den Apr 19 '11
Topic was moved from Bug reports.
Den Team
Den Apr 19 '11
Thanks for advise jason! I will stick this topic.
FrenZinn.com Apr 29 '11
but it will not help me . may be i am done in the wrong way , can u explain the step by step which encoding format is used to edit the file after creating custom php.ini file or in the which section i put the above code , is it in ow_core or under database .php
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Ashok Leader
Ashok Jun 14 '11
Raj ,

I am not sure if I follow what you mean. The OP is suggesting about php.ini file to resolve any issues that may occur during installation. We don't know what you are dealing with and what kind of trouble you are having there. Please be more specific


When a HostGator or other Shared hosting users get such problems...They should just contact their Live Support team and ask a copy of php.ini to place under public_html . That resolves the major issues . Don't forget about... turning off
" Register_globals "

Thanks !
Dax Aug 29 '11
i have installed in hostgator via quick install ending with lots of missing directories for images and photos. after created all af them manualy i never got a clean instalation and i end up installing a manual copy. and vuala!! runs perfect for now. I am a newbe and dont have too much knowledge on scripting but a manual instalation was like 1-2-3. like for dummys.
Aries Oct 1 '11
ok..tank friend
david frost
david frost Sep 29 '15
Hi Hax, just wondering here. Did HG support helped you out here for a fix? Can you also please share the steps?
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