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Emojis and Smileys
Emojis and Smileys in your website, let the fun begin! It comes with a basic pack of emojis: 768 emojis in 6 categories! Upload your own smileys...
Senior Developer · Jun 21 · $30
Ultimate Captcha
Provides administrative control over 4 types of captcha techniches, question captcha, slide captcha, dropdown captcha, and recaptcha. Allowing...
dave · Jun 2 · $15
User Online
It notifies you that your friends or those whom you sent a friend request or those whom you follow are online
Sergey Pryadkin · Apr 21 · $15
User activity motivator
Do you want to reward or charge users for using your site? If so, this plugin is specially for you! For example you can either grant a member 10...
Sergey Pryadkin · Apr 13 · $15
Terms of Use
Adds "Terms of Use" check box to the Subscribe and Credits pages. Memberships and User Credits Plugins are required.
Sergey Pryadkin · Mar 14 · $7
VIP Profiles Protector
It encourages users to buy VIP membership. The plugin prohibits Free role users to view user profiles with VIP role (you can select any role in...
Sergey Pryadkin · Mar 2 · free
Hide admin
This plugin hide admin on search results and block admin profile for other members
Sergey Pryadkin · Feb 16 · $15
Free ssl Banner Exchange
Free ssl banner exchange a few have asked me to add this to admin enjoy
Tammy · Feb 22 · free
Removal reason
Before profile deletion user must mark the reason of it's removal. Overall statistics why users delete their profiles, therefore you'll be able to...
Sergey Pryadkin · Feb 8 · $10
Comment Notification to Subscribers
Notify comment authors whenever a new comment is added to a post (Currently just notify to post owner). So that, the commenters know who recently...
Team Showcase (Meet Our Team) Plugin
Team Showcase Plugin helps you to add team members to your website with their names, designations, short descriptions, social profiles link with...
Chaturbate Api
Show the online webcams from chaturbate website WARNING ADULT CONTENT demo https://www.thenaughtyretreat.com/free-webcam-chat works on none ssl...
Tammy · Jan 11 · $10
Audio comments
Audio comments gives your site members a unique opportunity, an audio recording of voice, and placing it in site's comments or in chat like in the...
Alex Ermashev · Jan 13 · $29
Guest redirect
If guest tries to visit profile, he will be redirected to join
Sergey Pryadkin · Dec 29 '15 · free
SEO Text
Tool for adding SEO text, editing titles, keywords and descriptions.
Oleg Dubrov · Nov 15 '15 · $12
Set Sign-In Page as Landing Page
Adds a sign-in menu to your top menu items. You easily set your sign in page as the landing page by dragging the Sign In menu to the first place.
Ebenezer Obasi · Nov 1 '15 · free
SPVideo Lite
This plugin powers up basic Oxwall video plugin with useful tweaks. REQUIREMENTS * Oxwall Bundle basic Video plugin has to be installed and...
SongPhi · Sep 29 '15 · $5
Private photo albums
The plugin allows site users to lock their photo albums, making them private and available only to users with designated photo album passwords.
Skalfa LLC · Sep 15 '15 · $29
Show how your community grows. And get more Information about it.
Mike · Sep 11 '15 · free
** Advanced Blogs Plugin **
This plugin allows your social network users to post and share their blogs. It works bases on Oxwall's blog plugin with some enhanced features....
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Aug 13 '15 · $24
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