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Some parts are missing, how do I get these in? | Forum

Puzzler Apr 19 '11
Hi folks,

I try to get Oxwall running in German (and I would also share my language pack), but I got some problems:

Start: I got the latest version installed today. Activated almost all plugins, downloaded the German pack, installed that, too.

1. Creating a new group throws an error: so I changed line 883

vi ow_plugins/groups/controllers/groups.php

public function __construct( $exception = null )
//$this->setErrorMessage(OW::getLanguage()->text('groups', 'group_already_exists'));

$this->exception = $exception;

that is obviously a German part missing in that mod? But even if I add the key in the database, it still fails.

So, if I add a language key value to the table, do I have to delete template cache with smarty? Or what was the problem there?

2. SEO fails in some pages:

The photo, albums, groups, etc. seem to fail on presenting a nice TITLE value for the page. Especially if you add a photo in english and you look at it in another language.

It would be great, if someone could give me a rundown, where to look for these missing titles and how to get these in.

Everything works fine in English, but not in German... (and I guess neither in other languages)...

- how are the languages values gathered?

would be great to know from a PHP coder perspective!

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Veronica Apr 19 '11
For your first question:

Dont modify any code or enter any values into MySQL tables

Goto Admin panel: Settings > Language

Set the upper Language selector to English
Set the middle page language selector to German

Set the Show selector: Missing text (bottom of the list)

and you will get on the left hand side all English texts that don't have a translation to German
All the input boxes to the right will be empty and that's where you enter German translations

Enter your missing German translations and save the pages.

You will probably have English entries which also are without text but skip those also for German language
Some which I have found looks like garbage entries in English like hhhhhh etc skip those too

I have now made 3 language translations for my site without any code modifications in Oxwall.
The Forum post is edited by Veronica Apr 19 '11
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