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Hashtags & Mentions | Forum

Gregory Apr 25 '11
I would be great if the News Feed supported Hashtags and Mentions..it would really help the conversation on my site.
Den Team
Den Apr 28 '11
Would you describe your reasons to have hashtags in newsfeed plugin?
EdOrdi Apr 30 '11
I think it's a good idea, it can be a quick link to search anything in newsfeed archieve which similar to the words with hashtag

and also mentions, sometimes we need to reply our replied status to many different persons, and mentions can be use as a quick link to repliers profile :)
The Forum post is edited by EdOrdi Apr 30 '11
heru herlambang
heru herlambang May 31 '11
I agree with both of you guys.. or perhaps for first starter, let the "mentions" (@) first being applied, it would be great and on another next version hastag or url link generator could be useful too.
Sergio Apr 4 '12
It would be cool.

Thomas Sep 16 '12
I also agree that would be awesome. Oxwall needs more updates
Thomas Sep 17 '12
Paul you lost me. Is this already a feature or are you working on this?
Thomas Sep 17 '12
Oh ok I was looking at saying I have never seen this and how would it work. Let me know when you got it all figured out
Den Team
Den Sep 17 '12
Topic was moved from Core.
JB TECH Sep 18 '12
A power users plugin would be nice...

Maybe even better with the addition of a trending list when users use a Hashtag(#) and then they can see what is trending on the index, dashboard, and sidebar.

DesignOX Oct 15 '12
Any updates on this, Paul?
Nirmalya Ghosh
Nirmalya Ghosh Oct 19 '12
Paul, did you finally figure it out how to do that? 
Gabriel Fonseca
Gabriel Fonseca Nov 27 '13
Anything new?
Austeyr Dec 15 '13
bump, very interested in this...
Austeyr Dec 16 '13
Awesome jake, cant wait for this, 
Austeyr Dec 17 '13
Dude that is looking real good. hows the notification part coming along.
Kieron H Leader
Kieron H Dec 17 '13
looks great 
Austeyr Dec 17 '13
Outstanding jake. This is a real winner... 
Austeyr Dec 17 '13
Sounds excellent, take ya time and drink lots of coffee, better to really get it right. So far you have come leaps and bounds on your idea. The fact someone is even making this and is showing consistent steps forwards in the development is great news for me as im sure for many others.

Keep up the great work both you guys at Foxtechs.

Alia Team
Alia Dec 18 '13
Looks great!
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