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urgent need of help - site crashed | Forum

idea Apr 26 '11
Dear ,
My site www.ikbc.in is down due to problem in hosting server crash. Now they claiming that server is restored but still my site is not running..
Please check the phpinfo() of same at here and suggest / point if there's any issue.
Please revert ASAP

idea Apr 26 '11
ya is there any thing to check ?? I think they are are intact. (99%) do suggest if any
idea Apr 26 '11
didn't got :(
Will you brief it please ?
Still didn't deleted any file or its content..
Config.php is intact..
I think may be there is issue either in index file or in server may be its lacking any service required for this software which can be cleared by visiting www.ikbc.in/phpinfo.php and last if there is any miss configurations in config.php or run.php.

I'm nowise person related to software..
idea Apr 26 '11
is there any step by step checklists to resolve this ?
Den Team
Den Apr 27 '11
Your site opens well http://www.ikbc.in/
What the exact problem is?
idea Apr 29 '11
Sorry for late posting,
Actually hosting provider resolved and restored it again..
But have also faced a loss few of new members data was lost.. as the data recovered was of a day before's

here I like to suggest a more advanced data exporter plugin which can backup almost all the data viz. Public html, css, user files, + mysql etc. with auto backup with time setting.
Michael Leader
Michael May 1 '11
Im with you! I would love to see something developed where you can backup your site instead of using cpanel!
I am looking. There are a few methods.
I had one but it caused my db to be stressed and broke the site.

I would love for this!
Michael Leader
Michael May 1 '11
I found this...

I am trying it now! I will report. This will be very handy to a lot of people!
(My host offers a daily backup plan for a fee.)
My problem is backing up before sitework takes AGES to download!
Den Team
Den May 2 '11
Agreed with Michael. CPanel has a good tool to backup your whole site with all mysql data and files.
Michael Leader
Michael May 3 '11
I tried the link above but it seems to not be working for me. Probably made a mistake somewhere! I would love to have this working! Eventually!

FYI, link is not associated to the bug, just helping out with good practice!
The Forum post is edited by Michael May 3 '11
Den Team
Den May 4 '11
Did you try standard Cpanel backup tool? From here http://docs.cpanel.net/...nelDocs/BackupWizard
Michael Leader
Michael May 4 '11
I want to be able to schedule a backup but not by paying for my host to do one for me daily. I can log in and do a full site one no probs. I want to schedule it!