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Installing Locally on WAMP (Windows) | Forum

Rob R
Rob R May 31 '13
I know this has been beaten to death, I have read everything that has shown up in search (here and elsewhere), I have setup a number of community websites using Drupal, Joomla, and phpBB - but WOW I cannot even get this thing to START installation?!!

My workflow (not a professional, ok) is such that I like to set my websites up on my Windows computer using WAMP and make all changes before taking it live to my shared hosting server.  I know, lots of recommendations to start it on a live server but if we can put that aside for a second ...

So I unpack the zip file, copy over to the "www" folder in the wamp directory - as I do with Drupal, Joomla, phpBB which all work fine this way.  Of course there is no "install" directory so I simply get a 500 internal server error.

Tried changing AllowOveride None to All in httpd.conf thinking its a mod rewrite issue but same 500 internal server error (yes, I restarted wamp).

I have to think I am not the only one running into this.  What gives here???

Rob R
Rob R May 31 '13
As always, fix found once I made this post.

Actually,  came across it as I had given up on Oxwall and moved onto Elgg.  That installation process actually started but gave me an error and after a google search came across this:

Click on Wamp icon and open Apache/httpd.conf and search "#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so". Remove # as below and save it

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

and restart all service.

... which not only allowed Elgg to work but then I thought maybe this will get Oxwall to work.  It did.
Rob R
Rob R May 31 '13
Ok now I'm at the ever popular "3rd step database cannot connect" error.

(And FYI, yes, the 2nd step does check if the database info is correct.)

Free is great ... but this is now taking way too much time and effort.
Rob R
Rob R Jun 4 '13

Ok so if anyone else is trying to figure this out (and based on searches it looks like a lot are), here's how I've done it.


Again, the goal here is to get a locally running Oxwall vanilla installation on a Windows machine using Wamp server.


First, I installed Oxwall to my shared webhosting server via Softaculous.  It is ridiculously effortless - literally.  Just be aware that if you installed to a subdomain, it could take a while for your subdomain to DNS propagate.


Next, download all the files and database to your computer.


Open up \ow_includes\config.php and make all the necessary changes to the database credentials (or make sure you have the same credentials locally).  Also make sure that " OW_URL_HOME" is pointing to your localhost location.  Mine looks something like:  define('OW_URL_HOME', 'http://localhost/websitename/');


Open Apache's httpd.conf and make sure the following is uncommented (i.e., does not have the "#" in front of it):  LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so


Now I am happily editing Oxwall code and beta testing on my computer with the intent of uploading to my server whenever I like.

Alia Team
Alia Jun 7 '13
Thank you Kennard.