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My Oxwall Website Does Not Send Email notifications to third party email accounts like yahoo and gmail. | Forum

Edward May 9 '11
i am having problem using facebookConnect plugin on my website. When a user wants to login or signup using facebook, the email verification doesnt get sent to the user and the users cannot continue any sign up process.
However, ihave noticed that the emails get actuallysent to email addresses at my own domain.

Please i need expert opinion on this.... is it my SMTP, does the SMPT require authentication..

I am using cpanel....any help???
Den Team
Den May 10 '11
When user joins using facebook connect, system set his status as "Verified" and do not send verification emails. Does it ok?

Quote from Edward
does the SMPT require authentication..

It depends from your smtp server's settings.
Den Team
Den May 10 '11
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Edward May 11 '11
@addenst... it does send email, like when u want 2 update ur profile, oxwall will prompt u to verify ur email address so as to use d facebook thang....
nyralucas Sep 6
These type of problems occur when websites are not created user-friendly. In start it is difficult to understand the pattern of any website especially there registration process. This is one of the main reason companies use to redesign there websites even after launching the.