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Scripting the installer | Forum

Johannes Ernst
Johannes Ernst Jul 29 '13
I'm trying to script the installer, so no human intervention is needed to set up a new instance of Oxwall.

Has anybody done this before, and could share how they did it? I presume it wouldn't be very hard for somebody who knows their way around the code to write something similar to cron/cron.php that takes database parameters etc and invokes the right methods?

Generating the config.php file, and running the install.sql file on MySQL is straightforward enough, but there's a sequence of database operations performed after the SQL is run which aren't obvious. Is there a simple call somewhere that could be invoked?
ross Team
ross Jul 30 '13
Unfortunately, it is not possible. In any way, installation requires human intervention, as you need to create database, configure cron, input the details. You can take a look at Softaculous, automatic installation, even there you need a human to take a part in this. 

P.S. This section of the forum is designated for Installation Troubleshooting, you need to create a topic in the Custom Code modification section

Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Aug 6 '13
How does wall.fm and xitti.com do it? 
ross Team
ross Aug 6 '13
I'm sorry, but this is oxwall forum