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Curious why you deleted my post regarding the code issue - Smileys | Forum

dave Leader
dave Aug 2 '13

Hi i am curious why you deleted my post regarding the post code issue. Last i heard you were working on a fix for this and now i find my post is gone.  The smilies do work great for several features but other features such as the newsfeed and others they do not post correctly as you know this because i showed you in my video.  In which you replied you were working on a fix for this.  If you dont know how to fix it then just say so and i will dig into it myself but please dont lead me on when you have no intention to do so.  As what seems apparent by your deleting the post.  


I was actually going to help you with a resolution in my spare time but since you deleted the post i guess i wont.  If you delete this post i will send an email to a team leader regarding your behavior.  


I am willing to work with you for a resolve.



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dave Leader
dave Aug 3 '13

UPDATE:  I found the problem with the newsfeeds. As well as the other code placement issues.  The problem is in your


  insertSmileys: function( text )   in smiley.js


I  have fixed the issue myself but honestly i wont share with you the fix unless i get a public apology from you in the way that you treated me and deleting my post about the issue, and my review.




UPDATE:  your last update 7 still did not fix the issue, i removed my fix and put your file inplace and same issue.  So my fix still stands as correct.

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IB Aug 7 '13
Dave, do you by any chance know what the latest update was on this plugin?  There was one a few days ago, but nothing posted.
dave Leader
dave Aug 7 '13

I am not sure, i have not heard anything from him at all and i have contacted a member of the team regarding his behavor.  I know that he made some changes to one file but as far as anything else i do not know, i have not done a comparison of the two packs.  


What is so sad is that the solution is so simple, if he would just be professional and simply apologize.  But he acts like we owe him something. He forgets this is not a free plugin but that we all paid for it, so he got what he wanted and great service and support should be part of the deal regardless, but especially if its a paid plugin, no question about that one. 

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dave Leader
dave Aug 19 '13

Still nothing from developer.  Does he even care about customer service or being truthful with his customers.  We'll find out i guess.   We need to settle this Kairat... So please reply..

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matt Aug 23 '13
Dave, would you please send me the fix. Even if the developer is AWOL - I would like to apply a working fix for my users. I would appreciate it very much.


matt Aug 26 '13
Thanks Dave - It works a treat and now my users are very happy and expressive. I really appreciate your help with this.

@ The Dev - Come on Guy - Someone else is making your paid for plugin work for you? Where you at?

tammy harris
tammy harris Aug 26 '13

thanks guys for letting me know this plugin does not work

is shame I really wanted this plugin

dave Leader
dave Aug 26 '13

Tammy it works but i had to just fix the placement routine of the smiley when you posted it so it would be posted in the text where you wanted it.  Other than that it works..


Tammy if you get this plugin let me know i will send you the fix for the placement. :)


One tip for all.  When you install this, make sure you go into settings and name your categories right away to the names you want to use. 


Because for example you have one category named skype,  if anyone uses one of those smileys and then after that you change the category name, the image will  not show up in the post anymore, it will be the dreaded x.   So name your categories right away and leave those names what they are after that.   

matt Aug 27 '13
Another report - The smilies plugin seems to break the Excellent 'Instant Chat with Video' plugin.

I look forward to the day when oxwall has system wide emoticons in the core!

dave Leader
dave Aug 27 '13
Ohhhh,  i dont have the video version of that..
matt Sep 1 '13
I had more of a dig around in the plugin. The smilies button also seems to replace the 'html' button, where it is enabled - rather than adding it as well. Which is a bit annoying, cos we might like to do smilies and code in a post :)
Mark Apr 28 '14

Dave - I purchased this plugin - I am curious as to what the issue is -


the only issue we have seen so far, besides not being able to use it site wide, is that you need to double space before and after smiley in order for it to show correctly on post.


 If there is other issues that may affect our site when we add more features, I sure would like to have your fix :)

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