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what is the password encryption used on oxwall | Forum

Damien Aug 11 '13


Excuse my English, I'm French.

I want to transfer my old site into cms oxwall

only encrypt passwords on my old site is MD5.

I want to know if it is possible to know the files to modify to change the encryption of passwords oxwall?

If not, is it possible to know the encryption used on oxwall because it seems to be SHA256, but after checking it's not that.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Mohammad Aug 11 '13
Hi Damien 

Oxwall uses SHA1

I had this problem with none Oxwall sites that want to move to Oxwall

The easiest option is as you are transferring your members, change their password and  send them an email 

I wrote a script for transferring users from Sharetronix to Oxwall (you can see how I did this)

I think it's possible to change Oxwall encrypt password but you certainly face a problem later

dave Leader
dave Aug 11 '13

When i xfered here is how i did it


$salt = 'your config salt value here';

$pass = "password";

$hashit = hash('sha256', $salt . $pass);


echo $hashit;


i made the same pw for everyone and then had them use the reset (forgot) pw to reset it.

Mohammad Aug 11 '13
Quote from Larry Backstrom I think SHA1 is used for templates. Here is the user_service function: public function hashPassword( $password )     {         return hash('sha256', OW_PASSWORD_SALT . $password);     }

Sorry for wrong information

I get it wrong with sth else
my bad

Damien Aug 12 '13

Thank you so much everyone!

Where is the file with the hash function?

Cause me with SHA256 it does not work!


my password is: azerty

in my database I found my encrypted password : 


And if I do this:

$salt = "oxwall_salt_SK750"; (original value unchanged)

$pass = "azerty";

$hashit = hash('sha256', $salt . $pass);


echo $hashit; = b083a3a0387a421f0df538da90e2f517c477901856b052daab33e7683ae26a5a

I tried everything, I never come to get the same encryption as my database.

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dave Leader
dave Aug 12 '13
Its because your salt value is not valid, that to me does not look like a valid salt value.  Look in your ow_includes/config.php  and get the salt value from there and you will get the same hash result you need.
The Forum post is edited by dave Aug 12 '13
Damien Aug 12 '13

This is what I have in my config.php :

define('OW_PASSWORD_SALT', 'oxwall_salt_SK750');
dave Leader
dave Aug 12 '13

Strange the only ones i have ever seen are alphanumeric like this

define('OW_PASSWORD_SALT', '997792e687f43');



have you installed this yet, this is from an installed script right?


dave Leader
dave Aug 12 '13
check out,  ow_system_plugins/base/bol/user_service.php  line 810
Damien Aug 12 '13

I'm sorry, I'm an idiot!

I had not looked at the right file.

Now it works. 1000 thank you!

I would never have done it without your help

Stephna Aug 10 '15
I have tried it but doesnt reflect properly.  Someone please help me...

This is my salt value from config.php define('OW_PASSWORD_SALT', 'xEHNxiEXdz7GK');

When i enter the password as 31121993Aa from signing up it generates 82416b9973e6fc2279f8e2c54eae6c0d555eae5ad1760985ce1a65b1139c0320 

But when I create a custom sign up page which inserts data into this table and I use the same password i.e 31121993Aa and I get db57e80826fd86d6b00aebf21b34d1c382e123d17a02a1d008ced708af81441e when i use this code in my php

$username=$_POST['username'];$password=$_POST['password'];$salt = 'xEHNxiEXdz7GK';$pass = "password";$hashit = hash('sha256',$salt.$pass);$password1=$_POST['password1'];mysql_query("INSERT INTO oxwa_base_user(username,password,password1,email)VALUES('$username','$hashit','$password1','$mail')");

Please help me....

Aliya Team
Aliya Aug 25 '15

What are the $pass and password1 in your code for ?



$salt = 'xEHNxiEXdz7GK';

$pass = "password";

$hashit = hash('sha256',$salt.$pass);


mysql_query("INSERT INTO oxwa_base_user(username,password,password1,email)VALUES('$username','$hashit','$password1','$mail')");

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