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Swapping Hosts, import question... [Solved] | Forum

TheDream Aug 12 '13
If I need to swap servers and the directories differ as well as the DB usr/pass where and which are the primary config files I would need to modify in Oxwall? 
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ross Team
ross Aug 12 '13
http://docs.oxwall.org/faq:how-to-transfer-my-site-to-another-hosting and please, do the search, before creating any topic on the forum
TheDream Aug 13 '13
Thank you.  

"Changing Host" = http://docs.oxwall.org/index?do=search&id=changing+host
"Swapping servers" = http://docs.oxwall.org/index?do=search&id=swapping+servers

"Swapping Host" = http://docs.oxwall.org/index?do=search&id=Swapping+Host

Nothing. no results. As you can see. 

But what is this??? 

"Swapping Hosts" = http://www.oxwall.org/forum/search?q=swapping%20hosts

Thank you for your assistance. 

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ross Team
ross Aug 14 '13
Has the problem been resolved?
TheDream Aug 19 '13
Yes. The link contained the answer I was looking for. :)   

Thank you. 

ross Team
ross Aug 19 '13
Ok. Great