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Missing css / themes / plugins after restore from backup | Forum

Johannes Ernst
Johannes Ernst Aug 14 '13
I started with a working Oxwall installation. I backed up the database, the config file, and the userfiles directory.

Now I'm trying to restore the installation from these files. I ended up with a working Oxwall installation but which misses a lot of CSS (perhaps more). It seems ow_static/plugins/* and ow_static/themes/* content is missing. I think the installer creates those files upon install. How do I get them recreated after restoring from a backup?

Do I really need to recreate those directories manually? (And how would I know what I need to create there?) Or is there a plugin activation page or something that I can access with a non-empty database? It seems the database knows which plugins and theme should be activated.
Johannes Ernst
Johannes Ernst Aug 15 '13
It's "manual". mysqldump and tar. I could be backing up the code of the entire installation, but I'd prefer if it if it just was the data because that would let me archive a site, and restore it a year later into new version of Oxwall. Just like I would backup a few word files, and restore them a few years later with a new version of Word.