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how to enable " ?layout=[theme's name] " | Forum

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jerie Sep 18 '13
I want user can change their fav theme, like in demo.oxwall.org

for example in demo.oxwall.org,
switch theme to Crayon using url http://demo.oxwall.org/?layout=crayon
switch theme to Showcase using url http://demo.oxwall.org/?layout=showcase

please tell me how to enable it or should I install new plugin for that option ?

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Shaun Alvarez
Shaun Alvarez Oct 31 '13
i have been searching for the same thing forever even asked afew people in private and never got a response if you found out how to do it let me know since im trying to make my mobile users use a different theme more compatible.
Shaun Alvarez
Shaun Alvarez Nov 7 '13
i dont see how diable and renable the plugin would be a problem when you need to install a new theme. i have been trying to get ahold of it to allow my mobile users to use a more mobile  friendly theme and not have to giveup my desktop theme since my site already detects mobile users and redirects them to a given url

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Shaun Alvarez
Shaun Alvarez Nov 9 '13
I understand that and i don't see there being a problem doing those steps when you need a new theme in place. i wouldent expect them to release it in the store as a plugin. it should be posted maybe under custom coding forum or even theme development with a note saying to use at your own risk not intended for the general public, or something similar.
And in all honesty allowing registered members on a website to change themes is nothing new and it should have been a feature since the start of oxwall.
Also theme creators would make alot more money if people had the options to allows members to use more then one theme. Normally you spend some time reviewing themes then finally purchase one customize it to your liking and that's it no other developer makes money on you because you don't need anymore more themes but if you could have more then someone could have a "$100" budge for themes and they could purchase multiple themes
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Sen Projects
Sen Projects Dec 10 '13
Hi guys,

We created a theme switcher and is user based but for our demo site only so users can test our themes just by changing themes using the switcher. But if there is a demand we can sell the plugin here in Oxwall. You can try it here 

Thank you and enjoy your day.

Sen Projects
Sen Projects Dec 12 '13
Hi Jake,

What does the Oxwall Team's theme switcher do? I'm not aware of that :)

Our Theme Switcher works like this. If you login to the site you will be using the theme which is defined in the admin panel but you can change theme using the switcher and other members will not be affected by your changes and they can also choose theme. But we are currently working on a function to make the switcher set a default theme for the user when he/she selected a theme in the switcher.


Sen Projects
Sen Projects Dec 13 '13
Hi Jake,

Thank you for explaining how the Oxwall Theme Switcher works, our Theme Switcher is different from their's, you do not need to deactivate or uninstall the switcher when installing or adding new theme. Just simply add new theme in the admin panel or upload the theme folder to your server via FTP and the new theme will just appear in the switcher.

Here's a screenshot.

Thanks and have a great day.