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Where to change class="ow_count_bg OW_ConsoleItemCounterPlace ow_count_active" [Answered] - Friends | Forum

fbkca Oct 2 '13


I am having a small problem trying to find where to change the width of the little counter box. See attached image

The corresponding HTML is:

<span class="ow_count_bg OW_ConsoleItemCounterPlace ow_count_active" style="width: 10px;">

<span class="ow_count OW_ConsoleItemCounterNumber" style="visibility: visible; right: 0px;">17</span>


If I change width: 10px; to width: 20px; it displays properly, but I can't seem to find where I can change that.

When in the admin panels... it's displayed properly with a width: 20px; 

So I thought it might be related to the template, but I can't see anywhere the counter is set to 10 or 20. The 

I see this:

    var numberShow = function( number, animate )


        animate = animate === false ? false : true;

        var placeWidth = $place.width();


        $number.css({visibility: "visible"});

        currentNumber = number;

        var numberWidth = $number.outerWidth();

        $place.animate({width: numberWidth}, 'fast');

        if ( animate )


            $number.css({right: -placeWidth}).animate({right: 0}, 'fast');



in ow_static/plugins/base/js/console.js

So does it mean that value is calculated automatically?? How can I force it to 20?


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fbkca Oct 7 '13

Can someone help with this?

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Oct 16 '13
Fbkca, what about just adding following CSS in admin panel:

.ow_count_active {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #ff7000;
width: 20px !important;

where 20px- is the desired width.
fbkca Oct 17 '13
I will check this and see if it fixes the issue.



TonyKa Mar 19 '15
sorry how you can do this?? how you can add this box with friend requests?!??!

Thank you so much!

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Mar 23 '15
Friends request box appears when someone adds you as a friend and you get the notification.
Emil Oct 11 '15
I have the same problem and the solution provided does not work

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Oct 12 '15
.ow_console_item span.ow_count_bg{
width: 25px!important;
height: 25px!important
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