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General error: 2014 Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active | Forum

salman Jun 17 '11

I'm Facing problem while installing oxwall. I'm new in development so please help me to find out the problem and give me solution. I'm using latest version of xampp. Here's my problem report.

OW Debug - Exception
Message: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2014 Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active. Consider using PDOStatement::fetchAll(). Alternatively, if your code is only ever going to run against mysql, you may enable query buffering by setting the PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_USE_BUFFERED_QUERY attribute.
File: E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\ow_core\database.php
Line: 311

#0 E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\ow_core\database.php(311): PDOStatement->execute()
#1 E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\ow_core\database.php(345): OW_Database->execute('SELECT * FROM o...', NULL)
#2 E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\ow_core\base_dao.php(114): OW_Database->queryForObject('SELECT * FROM o...', 'BOL_Plugin')
#3 E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\ow_system_plugins\base\bol\plugin_dao.php(115): OW_BaseDao->findObjectByExample(Object(OW_Example))
#4 E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\ow_system_plugins\base\bol\plugin_service.php(113): BOL_PluginDao->findPluginByKey('notifications')
#5 E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\ow_core\plugin_manager.php(184): BOL_PluginService->findPluginByKey('notifications')
#6 E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\ow_plugins\notifications\install.php(86): OW_PluginManager->addPluginSettingsRouteName('notifications', 'notifications-a...')
#7 E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\ow_system_plugins\base\bol\plugin_service.php(377): include_once('E:\xampp\htdocs...')
#8 E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\ow_install\controllers\install.php(466): BOL_PluginService->install('notifications')
#9 E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\ow_install\controllers\install.php(422): INSTALL_CTRL_Install->installComplete(Array)
#10 [internal function]: INSTALL_CTRL_Install->plugins()
#11 E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\ow_install\classes\application.php(57): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#12 E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\ow_install\install.php(75): INSTALL_Application->display()
#13 E:\xampp\htdocs\ow_1.1.1\index.php(32): include('E:\xampp\htdocs...')
#14 {main}

Type: PDOException
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Den Team
Den Jun 20 '11
Would you send me PM with your latest XAMP distributive? We will setup it here and try to install oxwall on your XAMP
Den Team
Den Jun 20 '11
Also, what OS does you use on your PC?
ma3ih Club
ma3ih Jun 20 '11
addenster i have this problem before
he is not run cron job before install plugins :)
salman Jun 28 '11
Masih I don't understand u. If u have solution please tell me. What do u mean by cron job?
salman Jun 28 '11
Addenster I gave u a PM
Den Team
Den Jul 8 '11
Solved it :) This bug is present in XAMP version 1.7.3 TO fix this issue, use newer 1.7.4 XAMP version.
Den Team
Den Nov 21 '11
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