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jQuery 1.5.0 fails in Internet Explorer 9 but jQuery 1.6.1 works fine! | Forum

Julio Marchi
Julio Marchi Jun 19 '11
I don't use IE, but too many people do use it, and so I am forced to test all sites I work in it too.

Besides other problems (commonly found in IE), the jQuery 1.5.0 is generating a object issue that affects the entire OxWall site (including the Ajax Login and most forms).

To fix it simply change the jQuery file 1.5.0 by any other (newer) version of jQuery. I'd suggest the version 1.6.1 from http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.6.1.min.js. Download it from web and then upload it in your OxWall site at /ow_static/plugins/base/js.

As I am absolute new to OxWall, I rather not play with the source code yet (even being a savvy web programmer). I believe the developers can push an update to fix this issue as soon as they read this post (and, to be more than honest, I am curious to find out how long will they take to read this post, or even if they WILL read it). ;)

Meanwhile, a quick "trick" can allow for anyone to easily fix this issue without any code modification: simply rename the jquery-1.5.0.min.js file to jquery-1.5.0.min.bad.js and then rename the file jquery-1.6.1.min.js to jquery-1.5.0.min.js. This way, without any extra modifications, the site will load the jQuery file with actually is the 1.6.1 version regardless of its name.

Hopefully, an update for this issue is on the way (maybe the OxWall version 1.2 will have it corrected?).

Julio Marchi

P.S.: I saw another thread (topic: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/1016) about the same issue, and people over there claim that jQuery 1.6.1 may result in issues with some plugins. However, I've extensively tested it and I didn't identify any issue. Please, help me if you can testing it on your own installation and reporting any found problems here.
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Michael Leader
Michael Jun 19 '11
ticks my boxes!

I had a lot of unhappy ie9 members. I have implemented your hack and will be reporting back.

I tested it myself and the initial "once logged in" problem goes away immediately.
Also the "submit" buttons are now appearing. So far the problems seem fixed...

Thank you Julio!!!

Julio Marchi
Julio Marchi Jun 19 '11
Hello Michael,

Almost all problems I've encountered within IE9 were related to the jQuery 1.5.0 (which was reportedly buggy in one specific function that OxWall seems to use a lot). In fact, I honestly doubt that any other plugin will ever present any sort of problem regards to the jQuery 1.6.1 upgrade as it is a natural evolution built with total compatibility in mind. However, as it is never wise to guarantee anything over only assumptions, that is why I've called for others to try it and report issues (if any). ;)

I am glad I've helped someone else with something. I am an OxWall user for less than 24 hours and I already feel this is it! Not only the software is great but also the community is very nice. :)

I am planning to learn more about plugins and themes development as soon as I have more time available. Hopefully the OxWall source code is clean and organized as its CSS files.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Best Regards.
Julio Marchi
Den Team
Den Jun 20 '11
Welcome to our camp Julio.
Thanks fo detailed explanation of jquery issue. Our dev team already included this fix in upcoming update, but we didn't post detailed instructions hot to fix it here. I hope your details will be helpful for most others, before update release :)
Julio Marchi
Julio Marchi Jun 20 '11
Hello Addenster,

I am glad to help. It is the minimum I can do after having the opportunity to use this amazing piece of software. I should be thankin you!!!

Nevertheless, I know you hear a lot such question but I can't refrain from asking it: Any ETA on the 1.2 version? Is there a "beta testing" version available?

I'd like to help if I can (and I have a huge experience with decentralized developments, internet project management, beta-testing and troubleshooting).

Please, let me know if I can be of any assistance. ;)

P.S.: So far, so good with Query 1.6.1. ;)
Michael Leader
Michael Jun 20 '11
Same here, I hear nothing but good reports for the temp fix.
I detailled many sites to replace a "NING" like system after they shut the doors on free sites. Wackwall was perfect... Oxwall was better than perfect!!! Ticked all my boxes.

I would love to see more plugin development and I have a list of "wishes" as long as my arm as to how I want to see the site develop but I understand it is new and I am in it for the long haul!
I can safely say I was one of the first to install Oxwall and haven't regretted a single moment!
Den Team
Den Jun 21 '11
At current stage, oxwall needs more third party developers and supporters. Our dev team do their best to release every next official update with features and pleasant pieces, but it is obvious that this it is insufficient. Attract your friends and familiars to our community, development and theme creating! Only in this way, together, we will be able to create some thing powerful and been developed thing :)
Michael Leader
Michael Jun 21 '11
I fully agree. I recommend oxwall where I can.
g00d Jun 21 '11
YES YES YES man !!! I could kiss you !!!!
razzberry Jul 28 '11
I am attempting to fix our IE9 issue with this fix. Thank you SO much! Even though we only have one member that uses IE9? This does mean a lot!

To the Oxwall Team; I am hoping to be getting some extra time to play around with designing a theme. I have very light sensitive eyes so trust this when I tell you it will not be stark white! =D

Oxwall is just amazing. Thank you Oxwall, and Thank you Julio! XOXO!
razzberry Jul 28 '11
IT WORKED!..-hugs all around- Thank you very very much!
Den Team
Den Jul 28 '11
Will be happy to see new themes from you (crossed my fingers)
By the way, with 1.2 release, IE9 issues were fixed. Just check it :)