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demographic and intrest results - Google Analytics | Forum

mervin van dijk
mervin van dijk Oct 19 '13
googla added a new option to track on demographic and intrest results therefore the code needs to be changed can you make a update for this.

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Oct 29 '13
Mervin, this particular plugin relies heavily on google analytics itself by using  snippet code they provide. We ourselves don't have access to that snippet. So if google does any changes, we just use them automatically.

inside83 Nov 22 '14

This is the message I get from Google Analytics.

Is there an upgrade of the Google Analytics plugin?

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Nov 24 '14
You need to change your tracking code, it has nothing to do with the software.
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inside83 Dec 7 '14
Google states that to enable Demographics and Interest Reports one needs to enable it in the Property Settings (whitch I have done) AND to add another line of code to the tracking code itself.

How to do that?

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Dec 9 '14
That means you need to add a line of code where  you inserted your tracking code.
I'm sorry I can't see the attachment, please make it in jpeg format.
inside83 Dec 9 '14
One can not modify tracking code on Google Analytics website.

It needs to be done in the plugin itself.

Line:" ga('require', 'displayfeatures');" has to be added.

inside83 Dec 18 '14
Any update on this?
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Dec 19 '14
Where did you insert this analytic tracking code on the website?

inside83 Dec 19 '14
In the plugin form, where else?
  analytics.jpg (18Kb)
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Dec 23 '14
I mean the script you provided on the screenshot: http://www.oxwall.org/...Google-Analytics.jpg Where did you insert it on the website?
inside83 Dec 23 '14
I didn't.

I installed Google Analytics plug in and the only thing you can set up there is the tracking code itself. 

I can not add the line: ga('require', 'displayfeatures');" myself.

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jan 6 '15
In this case you don't use Google Analytics plugin
and insert the code you provided in the screenshot here: www.site.com/admin/settings/page
in the custom head code section.
inside83 Jan 18 '15
Thank you
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