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Help with finding code locations | Forum

dave Leader
dave Oct 21 '13

I thought this might help many of you find the code you are looking for in the script.  Maybe the team might make this a sticky too :) 


In the old days (either before it was available or before i learned about it) I used to (like many of you) trace code process and try to find the origination and it took me hours and hours to do this. 


 So the best way to find stuff is to search for it right.  Thats what this tool does.


NOTICE: If you are going to do editing remember to write down what you do so when an update comes out you can put your changes back.


So to begin:

I would recommend using a great tool called agent ransack http://www.mythicsoft.com/agentransack it will help you find stuff.

Remember when you search for stuff in the containing text field to put it inside of double quotes " " it is not a required deal but i have always had better luck that way.

You can search for things such as "base.css" as well as other items your looking for.   One of my little tricks  is if i cant find somethng i put the lang key in the search such as "forum+post_edited" which is the last part of a lang key and it shows me where it is.


You can search for a file name and it will show you every place that file name is called in the script.  You can search for "whatever"  and it will show you every file that text occurs in.  


It is a very handy tool, and like me i am sure it will save you tons of time as well.   

You will need to have a unpacked copy of the software on your pc to search through.

Hope this has helped you..




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Wolfy Oct 21 '13
Colette Oct 29 '13

After spending hours looking for stuff... this little program is ideal. Thanks!

fbkca Oct 29 '13
# grep -ir "text or function to find" /var/www/html/oxwall


dave Leader
dave Oct 30 '13

Another good tool I use is winmerge  http://winmerge.org/   it allows you to compare files side by side for differences.



fbkca Oct 30 '13
DiffMerge (All OS's) is good too. Can compare whole directories of files. It's how how I insert all my customization back into a major upgrade... 

If only I knew how to create a plugin for all my changes 

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