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problem with: mass mailing, mail verification, invites friends | Forum

Rc Nov 5 '13

do not work:-verification, -mass mailing, -inviter.

Said that is not set up cron.command:wget -q -O /dev/nullhttp://www.yoursite.com/ow_cron/run.php

A month ago, everything worked with this cron.

I need help......

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Alia Team
Alia Nov 5 '13
1.  Have you done any changes recently?
2.  Where do you get the message that your Cron is not set ?
3.  Do you receive email reports each time Cron runs? ( email can be set in your control panel):

4. Is SMTP enabled on your site?
5. Do you receive any other emails?
6. Can you give your site URL?
Rc Nov 5 '13

1. I cant remember right now: only plugins

2. from privat mesages with team members

3. only cron dont work

4. SMTP not enable

5. no

6. site was sent privat

Rc Nov 5 '13
#3. only cron dont work ---when I choose other commands

With this command is good: wget -q -O /dev/null http://www.yoursite.com/ow_cron/run.php

Rc Nov 6 '13
But -verification, -mass mailing, -inviter

still not working....

Rc Nov 6 '13
right now I was join on http://oxwall.demo.younetco.com/

and I have not received verification mail.... 

Alia Team
Alia Nov 6 '13
Rc, thank you for your answers.

You will need to follow  "STEPS TO TROUBLESHOOT ISSUES WITH EMAILS THAT ARE CONTROLLED BY CRON ( ex: mass mailing)" listed here http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/10502

I recommend testing with email invites ( note: EMAIL invites not FB contact importer).
If ow_base_mail tables gets cleared when Cron supposed to run, then everything is working and the issues with the mail server. In this case, next step will be enabling SMTP and checking again.