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how to use Oxwall with Wordpress together | Forum

Hein Zaw Htet
Hein Zaw Htet Jun 29 '11
I want to use Oxwall with wordpress together.
I want is - If one user register in wordpress, he can use in Oxwall with single profile.
Sorry for my bad english
Hein Zaw Htet
Hein Zaw Htet Jun 30 '11
Yes,you right
Hein Zaw Htet
Hein Zaw Htet Jul 1 '11
Yes, Thanks.
How to do that you said. Which one is the best?

Very Very Thanks You.
Michael Leader
Michael Jul 10 '11
There will need to be a plugin for Oxwall created and 1 for Wordpress.
Simple solution for now...
Find a Wordpress Facebook Login plugin and use that to connect to Wordpress. The User can then Use FBConnect to log into Oxwall. No need for the bridge. Facebook already provided it!
Michael Leader
Michael Jul 12 '11
@Leo yes a bridge is the answer but presently there is no one around who can or is willing to invest the time into creating a plugin for both Wordpress and Oxwall so presently the only solution is FBconnect. Other than that I am afraid it will need to be 2 seperate logins.

I find it strange that people are looking to bridge Wordpress with Oxwall. A more valuable investment in resources would be to get a bridge working between Oxwall and PHPBB3 with all associated newsfeed entries if the forum has been updated.

Mind you, I do love Wordpress and to be honest it was nearly Wordpress and Buddypress for me for my site solution. It just was lacking a few minor points and Oxwall delivered.

essentially what is needed is a 3rd database (or oxwall and wordpress on the same DB) then the code used for controlling logon needs amended in each site to point to the new authentication table. With that you would need to consider rights for using either or both sites. It would need to be a plugin as the next update will wipe your hard work out.
Ashok Leader
Ashok Jul 14 '11
Hein Zaw Htet ,

Yes ! That's possible . There are two ways ...1 ) Bridge for both installations and 2) Full integration of WordPress into Oxwall

1) The first one would be possible with a single plugin. You can create it by yourself. If you are not a programmer , some one would create it for you

2)Full integration of WordPress into Oxwall :
It needs lot of time and there may be chances for more bugs after the implementation . Full Integration is not a good Idea if you don't have enough resources

Anyhow, keep in mind that... Times change and you may get another solution with lot more features after a few months or you may ignore the current project because of your Job or ' Living stuff ' . Then the code we create now will be useless , if you forget the current project ( I know , you or me cannot maintain a social network for ever. At start it would be a fun, but later it will be ignored . Resources, time , money are some of the causes ) :)

That's why we have Single-Singon modules with OAuth implementation with FaceBook Connect ( Twitter connect,Live Connect etc are some other SSO options .) ..in simple words :)
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Michael Leader
Michael Jul 14 '11
OK, I must see if Oxwall AND wordpress can be installed using the same database... I will give that a bash today.

I will create a phpbb3 as well...
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Michael Leader
Michael Jul 14 '11
OK It is simple to create.
I have 3 sites running off the one database. Oxwall, wordpress and phpbb3.

Now we need to work out how to sync users.
I have used the same username, password and email for admin.

Now do I need to make the salt for wordpress, phpbb3 and oxwall the same? What happens from here?
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Rivu Jul 15 '11
FBConnect could be a temporary solution, however a wordpress-oxwall bridge is rather better, which you can either create yourself, or use oxwall market to see if someone can help you. :)
Mark Jul 15 '11
search the current wordpress plugins for a bridge for other software (http:///...8&q=wordpress+bridge) and disect that plugin

u will then know what you need from oxwall
David A
David A Jan 7 '14
I am curious what, if anything happened with this?  I like both platforms and feel that using them together could provide alot of options.   I realize this thread is quite old.

Austeyr Jan 12 '14
Abu Monsur
Abu Monsur Dec 3 '14
Is there any solution created?
ross Team
ross Dec 3 '14
Topic was moved from General Questions.
James Geddes
James Geddes Apr 30 '15
I notice that nobody asked the original poster why they want to use wordpress & oxwall together. That's kind of treating the symptom without investigating the cause.

We are migrating from wordpress to oxwall, as oxwall does everything that wordpress does, plus all the social stuff that wordpress is pants at. I can't think of a reason why we would want to stay with wordpress.

So, Hein Zaw Htet, while I realise your original post was four years ago now, why did you want to use wordpress with oxwall? Why didn't you just migrate to oxwall? Where did you get with it?

The Forum post is edited by James Geddes Apr 30 '15
David A
David A May 1 '15
I will speak for myself: Oxwall is great and has many great plugins but they are mostly geared towards a "social network". Wordpress has a much bigger following and far surpasses Oxwall with its versitility. Yes it started as a blogging platform- but you can do virtually anything with wordpress.... Classifieds (yes i know there is a plugin for Oxwall- but just one) Company intranet, community news paper, community crowd sourcing site, campus/student study groups,  community calendar- wordpress is where it is at.
Buddy press is not very polished.... Oxwall is.
Again... it is possible to have some of this in Oxwall- but it is all outside the norm... pushing oxwall.  Pushing Wordpress to do things it was not intended to do is part of the wordpress culture.  Being able to use Wordpress and Oxwall in unison would be amazing.

When I was looking to integrate oxwall and Wordpress what I wanted to be able to create were isolated nodes where groups could share information. My though was it would be great to have Wordpress running multisite, and have these tie into an oxwall installation for each wordpress site.  Yes Oxwall has groups... but they are somewhat limited and they are hard to search and archive.  With the network I was looking to create- oxwall groups would make nice sub-groups.

Bryce Foxdon
Bryce Foxdon May 1 '15
bridging PHPBB would be very useful since oxwalls forums suck!
James Geddes
James Geddes May 3 '15
David - I'm still not convinced; surely if Oxwall can do everything that wordpress you can do, as well as all the social stuff that it cannot, why wouldn't one just use oxwall?

Bryce - I think oxwall forums are ok but I see what you mean in that they might be a bit basic. The option to integrate another forum system, such as SMF or phpBB, into oxwall, would be great.

Something that would be amazingly helpful for us would be the integration of MediaWiki. What would be even more awesome would be doing so within the oxwall skin. See http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/36146

David A
David A May 12 '15
James- Oxwall cannot do even a fraction of what you can do on wordpress- unless you have developer skills that would basically make the platform almost inconsequential.  If you want a social networkign site... sure Oxwall will work- But if you want a site that does something PLUS social- Oxwall is really unfriendly.
Bryce Foxdon
Bryce Foxdon May 12 '15
I agree with both sides of this argument, both have features the other doesn't.

I'm looking at expanding my oxwall site to having a subdomain that features news and review articles and i'm in a tough spot choosing a platform for this as nothing seems to integrate seamlessly with oxwall, it's starting to feel like the only option i have left is having another platform installed on my domain with no integration to oxwall at all.

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