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Can't stop spammers [Answered] | Forum

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Jacques Chiappini
Jacques Chiappini Nov 14 '13
Hello... I have spammers registering on my website : http://www.chiappininelmondo.com/  I have smart captcha and have changed all the questions / answers.  I keep removing them and they come back even though I changed the captchas.. Now it's 10/12 times a day. Same guys. Please help.
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Jacques Chiappini
Jacques Chiappini Nov 19 '13
Will try Anti-spammers plugin but what works so far is that I do not delete them.... I suspend them... and they are not able to re-register...
suwat pb
suwat pb Nov 20 '13
Quote from Leon K Hi Jacques,
What is starting to work for me slowly is firstly not checking the "Confirm email" option in Admin/Settings/User settings, by leaving that unchecked they do not receive an email which could be forged.
Secondly, in Admin/Privacy and permissions/Global Privacy, check the "Mandatory user approve" option which means you have to check each registration to make sure they are not a spammer (It is pretty obvious)
I prefer to delete them immediately so they get no satisfaction from seeing their garbage on your front page "News feed" in your case it is not a good look for your web site with repeated references to "Loans" and you don't want the Search engines picking up on that with your web site.
By doing this I have reduced the attempts of spammers from several times a week to currently around one per fortnight
If you do suspend them ensure you delete any posts or links they have left to remove that info from your web site.
And don't let the mongrels get to you, they are not worth it :-)

all above i useed.. not work for me.. Recaptcha not work too.. if you choose "
By my invitation only" they still register and insert themself to database (but they can not post.. )
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ben Nov 20 '13
Are you sure they still able to register with by my invitation only option?
suwat pb
suwat pb Nov 20 '13


100% true.. 10-20 spammer each day , I am tried to deleted from wall post 

I also have reCaptcha (by Google) .. it's fail , Spambliz plugin..fail too ..

I think spammer not use signup form on site to register themself.. but done by mySQL injection.

if you choose Guests can view the site with answer No in Global Privacy setting .. they still register

but choose "With password:" ... this way OK but not worth to do that because most of site are plublic and not friendly to guest.

oxwall bug/security ?

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suwat pb
suwat pb Nov 20 '13
may i ask expert... i need to allow only some country.. how can insert this code to php file..

which file to open and edit ?

$country = geoip_country_code_by_name($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]);
if (!(($country == "USA") or ($country == "CA") )) { die("Service Unavailable!"); }

ross Team
ross Nov 20 '13
Suwat your last request is offtopic, please create another post. 
Allen Burtt
Allen Burtt Nov 22 '13

Hi All,

Spamming is a misuse of your social site and is of practically no utility (when have you ever clicked on a spam link?), which the spammers can't seem to understand. Basically, they are as dumb as a box of hair.

I have installed the usual plugins (captcha, anti spam, etc). No doubt they help, but the best solution I've found is to let then finish joining and then delete the "user" (which automatically deletes all of their content).

I don't know how long it takes for the spammer to join, upload a pic, post a blog, etc, but I'm guessing it would be at least 5 minutes even if they have it down pat. It takes me 10 seconds to delete the "user". All you need to do is regularly check you web site (i.e. at least once a day).

In fact, call me nasty, but its kind of fun to see a spammer all done a few minutes earlier and then delete the "user" straight away. Spammers seem to have cracked on however because I'm only getting one a week at most. Bring it on spammers, love to delete you...one click, your gone!

max May 9 '23
Spam calls can be incredibly frustrating and disruptive. While it can be difficult to completely stop spammers from calling your landline, there are steps you can take to reduce the number of unwanted calls. One option is to use a call blocker device or service, such as those offered by Comcast from landline call blocker. These tools can block calls from known spammers or allow you to create a blacklist of numbers to block. You can also consider signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry, which can help reduce the number of telemarketing calls you receive. Remember to never give out personal information to unknown callers and to always verify the legitimacy of any unsolicited calls or requests