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RSS Not Updating [Answered] | Forum

James Nov 20 '13

Running Platform version 1.5.3 (build 6341) with MyDiary theme.

I am using a couple of RSS feeds on user profile pages (see attached image). The issue is that they are not updating. They mapped fine and worked straight away but having checked with both feed sources, they have not updated in 3 days. 

They almost seems to be cached as removed and recreated them both but still showing old articles.

for ref, used both 


and http://www.fpb.org/feeds/hottips.asp

Is there a setting for RSS updates?

hank you in advance.

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  RSS.GIF (86.8Kb)
James Nov 20 '13

Update: I added a new feed from Reuters about an hour ago, just in case it was a source issue.  (http://mf.feeds.reuters.com/reuters/UKdomesticNews)


Same things, Reuters added 5 more articles but the RSS feed not updating on my site.


Drawn a blank on forum search. Anyone have an idea?

Alia Team
Alia Nov 21 '13
James,  RSS widget indeed uses cache system.
When you add your feed first time system pulls {$n} number of feed items.
After 60 mins when somebody refreshes your site, system pulls {$n} number of items again, thus updating widget's content.

So updates happens once in an hour, giving that somebody refreshes your site by the end of this hour.

                OW::getCacheService()->set($cacheKey, json_encode($this->rss),60 * 60);

I have tested Reuter's feed on my own installation ( I choose World News since they are updated more often http://feeds.reuters.com/Reuters/worldNews), and feed got updated ok.

To make testing easier change the 60*60 value to just 60:
  OW::getCacheService()->set($cacheKey, json_encode($this->rss),60);

This tells the feed to update every minute ( if somebody refreshes your site).
After this change retest with http://feeds.reuters.com/Reuters/worldNews ; feed on your main( not profile) page.
Let me know the results.
James Nov 22 '13
That great - thank you Aliia. 

Your code works great but after digging and lots of forum related searching I think my issues relates to cron running. My host restricts it. Just ran it manually and LOTS of things updated.

About to make a phonecall!

Thank you again.

Alia Team
Alia Nov 25 '13
Strange though, since RSS is not connected to CRON ( I have triple checked this with developer of this feature since I personally was 100% sure that Cron is involved in updating the RSS).
Kelvin {the GodFada}
Hello Aliia pls help me, after i edit the code you provided to get the Rss Feed update after minute go site www.gnshangout.com go displaying blank, pleas what should i do?

Here there code i change ther 60 * 60 to single 60 at:-

                OW::getCacheService()->set($cacheKey, json_encode($this->rss),60 * 60);


                OW::getCacheService()->set($cacheKey, json_encode($this->rss),60);

The Forum post is edited by Kelvin {the GodFada} Dec 19 '13
Kelvin {the GodFada}
Hello Aliia, thanks very much for always been there to help me, may God Almighty take you more higher and higher.
I have solve the Problem by myself and my site is now working fine, but have not fully sure if the Rss Feed is updating automatically or not, i will get back to you soon as i see it updating too.
Love you.
Martin Philipps
Martin Philipps Jun 26 '14


I have the same problem. RSS feeds came in only when the widget was set up, since then (several days - no change anymore, even if the page is refreshed.

I am using also Auto-Blogger from Purus, which posts RSS feeds to the Blog. That works fine and updates regularly. But the very SAME RSS URL in the native RSS widget is dead.... no update.

Seems like a real bug to me

ross Team
ross Jun 30 '14
can you please provide that RSS URL?