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Is there a way to make header image on showcase only show on select pages [Solved] | Forum

Austeyr Dec 15 '13
Ok lets see if i can make sense here lol..

What i want to know is, Is there anyway i can make the showcase theme header image only show or not show on select pages ? 

For example :

Right now it shows on everypage, and lets say i have the group header image plugin or user profile header image plugin or even html pages plugin activated, 

When i user goes to them pages and a member has added a image you will see the big site header image then under that you will see the users big header image, and then after scrolling down the page quite a bit you start seeing content. 

Here is a pic of what i mean using html pages plugin 

As you can see there is way to much image above the fold, and even tho i shrunk my page to about 50% you still cant even see the text content  lol.
This is the same for user profiles when they have there own header image and also with groups.
Is there anyway to make it not show on groups and html pages, or is this something i should really be asking a theme designer come time to get a custom theme made up. 

I personally think the showcase theme is perfect for my website so dont really want to change it when i don't need too, so if there is a work around to make this more suited to my needs id be very pleased. 

Im not at all familiar with theme coding for oxwall, i know if i wanted todo this on tumblr or or phpbb forums or even just a normal site oi could create different headers and and on the pages i want a header to show i could just include that header file with something php include("header-with-image.php")

And for pages without i could just do php include("header-without-image.php")

is this sort of thing possible with oxwall and more so the showcase theme?

The Forum post is edited by Alia Dec 23 '13
Alia Team
Alia Dec 18 '13
Randell, what you would like to achieve is a very complex custom code modification within the .php code mainly.

There is a solution though. It will not work exactly like you wanted, but might help you.
You can leave original header as it is on your main (index) page, BUT change it for ALL other internal pages ( either replace it with another image or just resize it).

If you look at ow_themes/showcase/master_pages you will see 2 html files:

Dndindex.html - is used for your main page, while general.html is used for all other pages.
Within both files you will find following piece of code that deals with header image:

<div class="ow_header">
            {if isset($imageControlValues.headerImage.src)}
                <div style="background: url({$imageControlValues.headerImage.src}) no-repeat; height: {$imageControlValues.headerImage.height}px;"></div>
                <div class="ow_header_pic"></div>


So you can modify general.html to display either smaller or completely another image.
Let me know if you get any questions while using my suggestion ( if you decide to use it at all).

Austeyr Dec 19 '13
This was perfect information. Very helpful thanks Aliia :)
omer Aug 28 '15
i want to remove header image all other page?how can i do?
omer Aug 28 '15
i found a way here but for wordpress 


how can i apply this for oxwall