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OW Debug - Exeption syntax [42000]: error[Answered] | Forum

Raj Dec 18 '13
After plugins step in installation, it comes error 500 but after I change debug value from false to true in ow_includes/config.php, I get the following attached ow debug exeption
The Forum post is edited by ross Dec 19 '13
  Screenshot_2013-12-18-21-41-34.png (156.22Kb)
Raj Dec 18 '13
OW Debug - Exception
Message: SQLSTATE[42000] [1044] Access denied for user 'u559379529_vrs'@'' to database 'u559379529_ vrs'
File: /home/u559379529/public_html/ow_core/database.php
Line: 214
#0 /home/u559379529/public_html/ow_core/database.php(244): OW_Database->__construct(Array)
#1 /home/u559379529/public_html/ow_core/ow.php(124): OW_Database::getInstance(Array)
#2 /home/u559379529/public_html/ow_core/base_dao.php(47): OW::getDbo()
#3 /home/u559379529/public_html/ow_system_plugins/base/bol/plugin_dao.php(50): OW_BaseDao->__construct()
#4 /home/u559379529/public_html/ow_system_plugins/base/bol/plugin_dao.php(68): BOL_PluginDao->__construct()
#5 /home/u559379529/public_html/ow_system_plugins/base/bol/plugin_service.php(77): BOL_PluginDao::getInstance()
#6 /home/u559379529/public_html/ow_system_plugins/base/bol/plugin_service.php(66): BOL_PluginService->__construct()
#7 /home/u559379529/public_html/ow_install/controllers/install.php(501): BOL_PluginService::getInstance()
#8 /home/u559379529/public_html/ow_install/controllers/install.php(415): INSTALL_CTRL_Install->getPluginsForInstall()
#9 [internal function]: INSTALL_CTRL_Install->plugins()
#10 /home/u559379529/public_html/ow_install/classes/application.php(57): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#11 /home/u559379529/public_html/ow_install/install.php(75): INSTALL_Application->display()
#12 /home/u559379529/public_html/index.php(32): include('/home/u55937952...')
#13 {main}
Type: InvalidArgumentException
Raj Dec 18 '13
Pls help me as soon as possible
Raj Dec 18 '13
And sometime in the above error in the message field it comes like the user has exceeded maximum value for max_updates [current 2500]
ross Team
ross Dec 19 '13
Have you completely done the fifth step of the installation manual: http://docs.oxwall.org/install:manual_installation ? 
Raj Dec 19 '13
Bro I m unable to give all privileges to my user as I cant find how to give all priviliges to users on www.2freehosting.com I tried to look in phpmyadmin but no option for privileges
ross Team
ross Dec 19 '13
I believe that's the problem. Please, contact your hosting provider support team and ask for the solution.