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How to Add A Sidebar To Showcase Theme | Forum

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Austeyr Jan 13 '14
Does anyone know how to add a sidebar to the showcase theme, is this an easy edit and if show does anyone know the exact steps id need to take to achieve this.

Cheers much in advance. 


Mohammad Jan 18 '14

Quote from OW Visuals We added a sidebar to showcase theme

Thanks :)

@OW Visuals,Is it possible to just show sidebar in specific pages ?

Austeyr Jan 19 '14
Quote from OW Visuals We added a sidebar to showcase theme. Theme is waiting to be approved by oxwall moderation team, theme will be available for free in the store if it will be approved by moderation team.

OW Visuals Team.

Rockstar Thats awesome. i hope they approve it. keep me updated please thanks much in advance.

Austeyr Jan 20 '14
Cheers Ow visuals , just installed it looks Brilliant - wonderful job.
Austeyr Jan 20 '14
Only one prob with the video page and how to preview images look  i have attached a image for you to see,  unsure of what i should edit, think it has something todo with the images and their padding on the video page.

Any chance you could point me in the right direction if you get a spare sec, cheers Ow visuals. 

  video page issue.png (237.54Kb)
Austeyr Jan 20 '14
No problem, i'm gonna keep using the theme until you put out a update, it's a great. Top effort OW Visuals.
Austeyr Jan 20 '14
Nice, just grabbed store copy and installed looks like this one has a prob too on the same page this time all images are stacked on top of each other included a Picture :) 

  video page issue V1.1.png (184.58Kb)
Austeyr Jan 20 '14
Awesome, all working sweet now, Happy chappy right here.

Cheers much OW Visuals.


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Kяuncн Leader
Kяuncн Jan 30 '14

Quote from OW Visuals @Mohamed

I think it's not possible without core code customization, or maybe it is just my lack of knowledge about it :)


You can download it here, I have attached it to my first post :)

It is possible to hide the .ow_sidebar on certain pages, per example when adding a custom page at /admin/pages/manage,, at Dashboards,, Profiles and even the Main page /index..