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Move Suggested Friends Widget to sidebar | Forum

Miroslav Jan 22 '14


with oxwall just beginning. Therefore, I would like to ask whether it is possible to move this widget to sidebar theme. 

Thank you 

Using theme: http://www.oxwall.org/store/item/31

Widget plugin: http://www.oxwall.org/store/item/331

Kieron H Leader
Kieron H Jan 22 '14
on the index page click customize page and then drag the widget to the sidebar 
Miroslav Jan 23 '14
Quote from Kieron (thestatusfeed.com) on the index page click customize page and then drag the widget to the sidebar 

but to the sidebar on the right ("My profile, Add new" See screen) can not move the widgets. it will probably be inserted into the code?
  sidebar.PNG (168.49Kb)
Daisy Team
Daisy Mar 10 '14
Miroslav, you can add any widget to the Index page using the following strings:

$widget = $widgetService->addWidget('COMPONENT_NAME', false);
$placeWidget = $widgetService->addWidgetToPlace($widget, BOL_ComponentAdminService::PLACE_INDEX);
$widgetService->addWidgetToPosition($placeWidget, BOL_ComponentService::SECTION_LEFT);

But, we suggest that contact this plugin developer and ask them to assist you with it.
Miroslav Mar 17 '14


thanks for responding. I want to ask what is "$widgetService" ? Btw I need it moved to the left panel

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Daisy Team
Daisy Mar 19 '14
Miroslav, if you open any activate.php files of the plugins which add their widgets - you will see that the $widgetService is the variable that uses the BOL_ComponentAdminService::getInstance(); method which is described in /ow_system_plugins/base/bol/component_admin_service.php file.

Once you add this widget to the Index page - you will be able to move it to the Sidebar.

As for the question related to the left panel - as far as I've understood, you want to place the sidebar to the left side and move it inside of the content. Then the sidebar and its content will show up on all pages on the left side within the content.  If I took you correctly, you need make changes in the theme master pages.
Admin thexsite
Admin thexsite Oct 27 '18
Daisy, where is the index page you are refering to ? I did change the code as you say, however, apparently the code is pointing to other strings and i have a bugging issue. i'm assuming we need to write the reference to this new widget somewhere in 'ow_core/.....' do you have any comment on this matter ?

I mean, in which the code you are refering to need to be added, in the Activate.php file of the according plugin ? or somehere else ? :

$widget = $widgetService->addWidget('COMPONENT_NAME', false);
$placeWidget = $widgetService->addWidgetToPlace($widget, BOL_ComponentAdminService::PLACE_INDEX);
$widgetService->addWidgetToPosition($placeWidget, BOL_ComponentService::SECTION_LEFT);

The Forum post is edited by Admin thexsite Oct 27 '18
sandeep Nov 9 '18
 Activate.php file of the according plugin
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