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ftp user no permissions | Forum

ricardo Jan 26 '14
hi all

i need help wih the following

i use the correct ftp user and this user has the proper permisions to write

but when i try to add a new plugin via admin it tells me that the user hasnt got the proper permissions to write

i already checked and even made a fresh installlation of your sw, using allways the exact ftp user but still i am not able to add any new plgins giving me always the error of ftp user doesnt have permisions.

any help would be great



The Forum post is edited by ricardo Jan 26 '14
ross Team
ross Jan 26 '14
Do you use your root FTP user details?

You can also do manual installation of the plugin: 

1. Go to http://www.oxwall.org/store, navigate to the plugin's page and download the archive containing plugin files.
2. Unpack the archive and upload extracted files to ow_plugins folder on your server.
3. Go to your Admin Panel > Plugins > Available Plugins section. The plugin you uploaded should appear in the list.
4. Click 'Install' to install the plugin you need.

ricardo Jan 27 '14
hi ross thanks i decided to do everything thru ssh.


ross Team
ross Jan 27 '14
Ok, no problem