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Our 1.6 update experience - help guide | Forum

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dave Leader
dave Jan 30 '14

Hello Everyone,

RE: Updating to 1.6

Please read this top to bottom one time before you start so you know what to expect..

Today we went through and updated our test oxwall site to 1.6.0 and we really had no issues other than very minor ones which can easily be fixed.  Here is the process we followed.  

We had no real issues with site down time, took us about an hour to do this... and the site is back up now.  We still have to go thru and replace all the core mods because they are gone now... And there are some minor things with just two of our plugins but nothing serious. 

Just dont panic and dont overthink this process. I been doing this a long time and have never lost a member simply because they had to look at a white page for a while until i fixed it. So again dont panic.

1. Let your members know the site will be down for an upgrade then Backup your site, do a full backup from your cpanel..  And dont go making changes until that backup is done.

2. Turn on maintenance page via pages in admin.

3. run the list down and deactivate all plugins, yes all, everyone one of them regardless if they need update or not, when you get done deactivating there should be nothing left in active plugin (top) section.

4.. change theme to origin

4.a. you can either change your config to dev mode true and just hit f5 or cntrl f5 when on the site page or you can temporarly reactivate the cache plugin and clear it that way, then deactivate it again.  This just makes sure that the template you just changed to is all cozy and warm in its place first.

5. click update (do the script first)  NOT THE PLUGINS, DO THEM LATER

6. enter login info and follow the prompts. When it is done then it will say update complete, and give you a choice, of links... CHOOSE ADMIN PANEL LINK HERE..

7. turn your maintenance page back on, because the update will turn it off.

8. now activate and  update the plugins, one at a time activate them and then update if it needs an update, dont get in a hurry here, one at a time right down the list, activate - update, activate - update...   and so on..

IMPORTANT!  when you get down to the groups, make sure you go down a few and do the FORUM FIRST then do the groups after that... The groups has to have forum available and it will tell you if you dont do it but dont wait for that... just do the forum before the groups.

Skip the profile progress bar for now, dont activate it... it is having a problem and it will  give you a message... Just skipp that one.. if i figure it out i will get back to you here. 

If you have the following plugins you will need to enter your license key again so make sure you have that information handy..

iptracker you will need lic key
video uploader need  lic key
advanced poker need lic key

If you have the hot not plugin you will also get some warnings, they are just warnings so you can go ahead and activate and update that it is ok..


9. when you get done with the list and you have all your plugins that you want to use activated and updated then  run your cache plugin again..

10. Then change your theme back to your normal theme(if origin is not it) and run the cache plugin again.

Then go to your profile... if you get a funky white page at any point wether it be on main page or any page dont worry it will come back, its just your cache and theme have not kicked in.

11. Go to your config file (do not use plugin do this manually)  and turn dev mode to true... then hit f5 or cntrol f5 on the site page. then turn dev mode to false..

Log off... and close all your browsers and clear your cache. with cCleaner or whatever.

You should now get the maint page, again if you get a white page with no template dont panic...  If you get the maintenance  page then just to to   www.yoursite.com/sign-in  and you can login as admin and turn the maintenance  page off..

12. Now try to activate the profile progress bar again, we did it here and now it works..

Other than replacing all the core mods you did you should be ok now... Replace your mods and your off and running..   You can run the site active until you do replace your mods depending on what they were just dont wait forever because you need to get those done.

Thats it..  congats now your totally screwed lol....  just kidding lmao  its a joke... :)  good job..  hee hee

Hats off to Oxwall for a great job on the update :)

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dave Leader
dave Jan 30 '14


 after the update you will need to run thru your pages in admin and turn guest off on the ones you dont want guest to see because the update will set them back to default.

You will also need to make sure you replace your htaccess file from before the update as the update will replace it with a default one.

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ross Team
ross Jan 30 '14
Dave, thank, great thread!
dave Leader
dave Jan 30 '14
yw ross ty for the kind words and the hard work you all do every day :)
dave Leader
dave Feb 2 '14
UPDATE:  I would hold off of updating the progress bar at this point, seem like the dev has issues with it, try to keep your old one of you can. Seems there is a missing table value for the progress bar which will blow up your forum when you post. 

Message: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'xxxxxxx_xxxxxxx.ow_profileprogressbar_activity_log' doesn't exist

dave Leader
dave Feb 2 '14
Here is the fix for the missing table for profile progress bar plugin .. not sure why the update is not creating the table but here ya go.

if your table does not exist you can run this sql right from your phpmyadmin area.. 

BE SURE TO REPLACE THE ow_ WITH YOUR PREFIX if you use a dif one, 

MOST OF US HAVE ow as the prefix so in that case it the first two lines here would look like this 

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS  `ow_profileprogressbar_activity_log`;

CREATE TABLE `ow_profileprogressbar_activity_log` (  `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,  `userId` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,  `entityType` enum("blog-post", "event", "forum-topic", "friend_add", "group", "link", "photo_comments", "video_comments", "user_gift") NOT NULL,  `timeStamp` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,  `entityId` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,  PRIMARY KEY (`id`),  KEY `indexAll` (`userId`,`entityType`,`timeStamp`, `entityId`)) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 AUTO_INCREMENT=1 ;

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dave Leader
dave Feb 13 '14
Also dont forget to check your theme for a new mobile folder and upload that to your theme folder.   The out of the box themes should already have this. 

I just discovered that my macabre theme did not have a mobile folder and there was a "file not found" message in my error reports.  So i downloaded the new macabre and the mobile folder was in there.   So if you don't have a out of box theme check your themes. 

dave Leader
dave Feb 14 '14
also be sure to clean up your reset_password table in the event there are any old records, the new process works fine so if there is any records in that table clear them. 

You also might want to adjust the active time for the code.  I believe 5 min is default and by the time msn sent me my mail and i was able to copy and paste i was 20 sec too late.  So i think probably 7-10 min would be a good time. 

To update the time just open 


And scroll all the way to the bottom and find this function and edit it as i have 

3600 = 1 hour  1800 = 30 min   600 = 10min  and so on.

    public function deleteExpiredEntities()


        $example = new OW_Example();

        $example->andFieldGreaterThan(self::EXPIRATION_TS, time() +1800); //added +1800  30 min



and then clear your site cache via config or the cache extreme plugin...  You do this because i found that if i did not do this then the site did not grasp my changes above. 

Also remember that the time set by the system is UTC 0 straight up, no + or -   but after i cleared my cache then i was able to get my other half hour of time. 

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Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Feb 15 '14
+1 dave. This is a nice job.
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Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Feb 17 '14

Added an amateur video tutorial here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NypJlNM_EkA lolz.. I will improve the video sooner rather than later.

Thanks for sharing with us

dave Leader
dave Feb 17 '14
nice vid :)