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sending to others in the future - Email 2 Future | Forum

Brady Davis
Brady Davis Feb 15 '14

Could you add the ability to send to others in the future?
To user name or user e-mail and or to everyone if possible please.

I have made a family heritage website and it would be nice to send letters to family in the future.

I think others would appreciate these features as well that are making family heritage websites.


Mohammad Feb 16 '14
Brady Davis,It's easy to add this feature but I thought it's possible that maybe receiver of the email is not happy to get this kind of mails(i.e this way users can send spam emails)

I'll consider it for next update


The Forum post is edited by Mohammad Feb 16 '14
Brady Davis
Brady Davis Feb 16 '14

Sorry for spelling your name wrong, it was late when I posted to you and my eyes were blurry. Also I forgot to Thank You for the fine, easy to use plugin as well.

Your right, it could be misused. especially with our family. :)
Could there be unsubscribe in the future letter that is sent to stop any spamming?
(unsubscribe from all future letter, not from mass mail)

I would love to send my Son and other family pre-written future messages set to be sent on special days in their lives like birthdays after I have died. (a long way away I hope)

If not in an update possibly could you make a new plugin to keep them separate?
I would be happy to buy it, possibly others will as well.

Sorry again for the spelling error.
Brandy :)


Mohammad Feb 16 '14

Thank you Brady for your nice review.

That's ok,I did it too ! sorry for spelling error :(

Yeah that's possible

your idea gives me more idea to do that

and of course it will be free.

I'll implement this feature If I could(I need to figure out some functionality)

thanks for your suggestion

Mohammad May 16 '14
Hi Brady,

The feature you wanted (more or less) is now available

just wait till update appear in admin area 

jweb665 May 18 '14
Thanks for the update but ours now looks like this (see attached). In languages I can't see the missing fields to update ??
  error-letter-to-future.jpg (134.01Kb)
Mohammad May 18 '14
jweb665,How did you update the plugin ?

langs.zip in plugin folder is OK,but for unknown reason(yet) language fields are not updated for you,try to import langs.zip(which you can find it by downloading plugin)from admin area,it should solve your problem 

Mohammad Dec 21 '14
@jwe665: did you manage to solve this issue ?
Kelvin Jan 26 '15
I am facing this problem too !! I use latest version of this plugin. But language is empty !!! Not able to read... even I imported lang.zip on email2future.
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