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Events on mobile (Rant) any help? | Forum

Toxic Mar 12 '14
I am upset at the moment due to the fact that something as critical as events are not view-able with the mobile version of Oxwall. One of the reasons i chose Oxwall to build my project on is because it has "Mobile support". Now that i invested in a theme and have everything setup to my liking , i go to setup the mobile version of the site, come to find it's it is VERY CLOSE TO USELESS.

I want to know if there is a way i can show my events on the mobile version (This is very CRITICAL to my project) If it's not possible, is there some sort of feed , iframe, ANYTHING that can fix this issue for me? And to the Oxwall team. This should not be that hard to implement!  

Brandi J
Brandi J Mar 17 '14
I am in the same boat. I want to show a 'groups' tab on my mobile site and have asked someone to help with the changes and have heard nothing back for weeks. I use another open source software (Opencart) and I always get quick feedback and help. Oh well, guess I may have to start over a find a different product to suit my needs.
Daisy Team
Daisy Mar 25 '14
Guys, let me explain how things stand related to the Mobile version.

As it's stated in our official blog post (http://blog.oxwall.org/2013/11/oxwall-1-6-goes-live-january-8-beta-today) - we released the platform which can be used for developing the plugins in this update. Besides on the first stage we were starting with basic features and several native plugins these are Newsfeed, Photos and Notifications to show the direction for what Oxwall mobile browsing experience is going to be.

It requires to develop further instruments to make a plugin work with the mobile version. i.e. create a kind of 'addon' for a plugin.
If you check, let's say Photo plugin you will see that it has its own mobile directory which contains the functionality of the mobile plugin: its own components, controllers and classes. Hence, to make the Forum or Video plugins work with the mobile version, you will need to develop its mobile functionality.

We do realize that such plugins like Groups, Forum, Videos, etc are very important to the communities, but guys, this was the first stage only and we are not going to stop development, but it requires time to implement all the plugins to the mobile version. Since these plugins are already scheduled for next stages and third-party developers are working on their own plugins - we are expecting that all plugins will be added sooner or later.

However, if you do not want to wait till Oxwall team implements these plugins, you can do that by yourself or apply to developers who can do that. However, remember, it's not so easy to add the button - this requires the complete mobile plugin development.
The Forum post is edited by Daisy Mar 25 '14
Brandi J
Brandi J Mar 28 '14
I understand that this is a free platform and therefore things may not happen as quickly as I would like. However since the functions we are requesting are so barebones, I just would have thought they would be included in the first roll-out of the mobile version. I have since moved on to another software, as Oxwall isn't currently suitable for my particular needs. Thanks for your input.
Kris Corp
Kris Corp Aug 7 '14
I love the mobile responsive theme i have (Facebook go). Issue is when i upgraded to 1.7 the photo section on the phone has errors. When you try to close the photo by hitting the x it does nothing. Photo stays up. WHen you try to upload on it doesnt work on the phone standard browser but if i download a different browser it works.