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"Page not found" - Login problem | Forum

Cornelius Aug 10 '11

I didn't find any reference to this problem before, and I'm panicking a bit.

Basically all was working fine, until now I realized that when I try to log in, first it doesn't do it, and gives me a 404 page, and then I try the second time, it does log in, but gives me the 404 again. I checked, and the dashboard is fine... my first thought was that I got rid of it somehow by accident...

So it looks pretty sure that I screwed something up, but I don't know what. Can anyone help me? :S

Oh yeah, I also cant post anything on the wall, does the same thing when I try to do that... 404.
Cornelius Aug 10 '11
I have found the problem, it was a code on my main page interfering with the system...
Bruce Tran
Bruce Tran Apr 23 '12
Could you tell me what code on your main page was interfering? I'm having the same issue after updating to version 1.3.2 from 1.3.1
Michael I.
Michael I. May 4 '12
Can someone provide me exact steps of reproducing this problem?