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How Do I Disable IPv6 in Run.pho? / Too many TCP Socket Connections | Forum

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Erik Zen
Erik Zen Aug 12 '11

My run.php generates the following error:

postdrop: warning: inet_protocols: IPv6 support is disabled: Address family not supported by protocol
postdrop: warning: inet_protocols: configuring for IPv4 support only

The support at my ISP (Hostgator) told me that they don't support IPv6.  So I should disable IPv6 in the script.  Can anybody tell me how I can do that?

Initially I didn't take it seriously, since things look like they would still run.  But now I'm told I have too many TCP socket connections, and too many open files.  Even the VPS is not equipped to handle that.  (I just upgraded a couple of months ago from shared hosting.)  If my site keeps doing that, I'll need a dedicated server.

I can't afford a dedicated server.  So I was thinking, could the socket connections be caused by the incompatibility with IPv6?  If so, it's the same question.  If not, I guess there are the 2nd question: how can I make sure the TCP connections are properly closed?

Thanks in advance!

Den Team
Den Aug 16 '11
It seems that you need to contact your hosting provider about this.
Tanner Jan 27
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