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Terms of use | Forum

Joe Aug 13 '11
I'm trying to figure out where to edit the "Terms of Use" page.
Under >Settings >User Settings I see the check box "Display Terms of Use".
However, on sign-up the link shows - 404 page not found error.
Can you tell me where to edit /create this page or, if I need to create a page, what do I name it in order to link to it?
Thanks in advance
FrenZinn.com Aug 14 '11
please try the following steps

1. create a new page eg .ToS
2.go to Language under Settings 
3.Search for Terms of Service
4. Edit the followings terms or line under Base

I agree with <a target='blank' href='{$site_url}Tos ' >terms of use</a>

here ToS refers to the page u r creates for terms of service

hope it helps
please let me know if any difficulty
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Den Team
Den Aug 16 '11
Topic was moved from General Questions.
Niels Nov 6 '11
Followed your instructions but still ending at the 404-page. Even when I try to access the ToS-page directly.

I think .htaccess must be modified for this to work, it's not possible to start any page except index.php?

But I don't know how...
Keelan Leader
Keelan Nov 6 '11
/admin/pages/manage TOS should be under the hidden pages and available for everyone to see.

Name your TOS url to http://yoursite.com/tos

Then try to access your tos directly.

I agree with <a target='blank' href='/tos/' >terms of use</a>
Niels Nov 7 '11

- created a "tos"-page in the site-root (this is a folder of my main domain, www.mysite.com/site ) , one with a .html extension and one without.

- tried to access www.mysite.com/site/tos and www.mysite.com/site/tos.html directly from within an browser.

In both cases I end up with the 404. Still think .htaccess is redirecting all page-requests to de index.php file? I know (but I can't look now) there's a RewriteRule in the .htaccess-file.

Keelan Leader
Keelan Nov 7 '11
You are going about this the wrong way. In /admin/pages/manage you can create a "Page" there and then write in your ToS content including HTML. 

But if you want to link or view pages on your server you have to exclude them from the .htaccess, which is discussed over here:


Quote from Keelan

.htaccess will give you issues adding links to files on your server what i did is allow access to a folder on my server with these files in there:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !/radios/

replace radio with your folder.

Niels Nov 7 '11
Indeed I found the ToS-page through the Admin-panel, thanx for the reply! :-)
Rossana Nov 12 '11
When you change the language the menu from above dissapears, can't find them in language edit section. 
please help
Keelan Leader
Keelan Nov 12 '11
Explain a little more with the help of screenshots etc.