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Kyle B
Kyle B Apr 15 '14
Hi all,

I have a weird problem that I cannot for the life of me seem to figure out. I love everything out this software but this particular part seems weird. I cannot find the code for it anywhere. 

I have tried the few tips posted here in this thread with no success: 


But I think its because those tips were for the old version, 1.5 not 1.6 as 1.6 is new this year and that is why they didn't work. 

Anyway, I am using the darklets theme, and for some reason its black text on a very dark background (like a 333333 dark) and it's nearly impossible to read. Using the inspect on chrome this is what I find:

That <p style> is selected for the black text. As you can see it shows rgb(0,0,0). Yet I cannot find that specific code anywhere, only rgba's in the base.css file for the theme and those are also only for shadows on the theme it appeared. I looked and even removed all code in the view_index.html file and it does nothing. I've tried adding color: #ffffff; to various parts like ox_ipc_content and that doesnt work either. 

I really like this theme and can seem to customize a lot on it no problem, but this blog font color is a real weird problem because I cannot find the code anywhere even telling it to be a color. Its like its hard coded in the software? Anyone know? 

Thank you in advanced, greatly appreciate any help. This has been making me stuck for days and I figured it's time to ask you guys for help. I have to be able to move on, can't keep spending time on this :/


John Apr 16 '14
While I take a quick look and have a coffee, Chrome's Inspector changes hex to RGB. You should be looking for #000000 or even #000 I think. It should be in the Darklet templates CSS.
Kyle B
Kyle B Apr 16 '14
Thank you for the quick response. 

I meant to add that I also tried looking for the CSS black font code, #000 or #000000, in the base.css file, these are the only css classes that contain either color code: 

.ow_logo a.ow_dnd_helper.floatbox_overlayBG.ow_chat_block .ow_bot_panel .ow_count_blockspan.ow_count_txt

There are no codes for #000000, those above contain only #000 and they do not have any control over the blog font color. And most other themes I try to 'test' to compare, all font is black so I cannot tell the difference with the blog colors to know if its hard coded. 

The way it was explained in that topic last year (I think for v1.5) it was said I needed to change a div clearfix to a new div of my choosing (in view_index.html) then add it to the css. I tried that but nothing changed either. 

Not sure why I am having such trouble with this :/. The software is very powerful, weird this is like this...

Thank you again for quick response. 

John Apr 17 '14
Kyle, I got distracted yesterday and today my cold worse. All I can say is this:

The default colour for text in the Darken template is a greyish colour. Also, the response you're getting from Chrome is completely different than what I'm getting. Thus it would seem that the CSS has been altered somewhere and not necessarily in Darken.

May I suggest you reinstall the Darken template. If you don't have it, I can send it to you. It's about 2 meg unzipped. If you've modified the Darken template or the Origin Template for any reason, that's likely to be the problem.